SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

Read our full COVID-19 policy here.


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Full Registration Policies

Account Creation & Retrieval Index

An account in the system is a requirement to have a badge at this convention (with the exception of Child Badges). If you have ever attended SNAFU Con, you have a Registration account, even if you've never done it online. Your account will exist in our system as long as you exist.

If you didn't create one, but had one created for you because you attended in a previous year, you can retrieve your information by emailing registration. We will verify some information and we can set an email on your account which will allow you to create a password using our automated system.

Achievements Index

As of 2014 we are printing achievements on badge. If you seem to be missing achievements please contact us. We are hoping that the achievements will reduce account duplication, and assist us with finding duplicate accounts when people complain that they are missing achievements (because some are in another account they forgot about).

We are also hoping that people are interested in buying them as buttons and whatnot. We are undecided if we will let people purchase achievement buttons which they do not yet have. Certain achievements are special and thus the buttons will never be for sale, and will only be able to be acquired by actually achieving the achievement such as the Cult of the One Door, or Bacon.

See the current list of achievements.

Badge Names & Legal Names Index

If you preregister and pay through the website before the preregistration deadline, you will have a colorful printed badge with pretty art on it. This printed badge will have an optional "badge name" or "fan name" printed prominently on it. By default, your full legal name will also be printed on the badge, but significantly smaller. There is an option to remove your legal name from your badge completely but we don't like it so we aren't going to tell you how. So, if it means a lot to you then you will have to hunt for the option (unless you email us and ask us really nicely). As long as there are no problems, we will continue to allow it. In a few years we may become more comfortable with the idea and make the option more obvious.

If you do not pay before the preregistration deadline, your full legal name will be printed or handwritten on your badge. You will not get a badge name on our badge if you do not complete your registration before the preregistration deadline. At-Con registrations (both weekend and day badges) similarly will have your full legal name on them. Preregistration deadline is usually 1 month before the convention; check the main registration site for current deadlines.

We do check IDs and if the name on your ID doesn't reasonably match the name you submitted (for any badges including preregistration badges or non-preregistration badges), we will remake your badge using the name on your ID. (Common changes such as Tim instead of Timothy is OK, but we will update the system to Timothy from your ID.)

Badgeless Places/Times Index

Thursday ("Day Zero") is badgeless. Any area which is open will be open to anyone. Use Thursday as a great time to get your badge! Thursday lines are traditionally very short. If the line is too long then go do something and come back. Registration is usually open until either midnight or when people stop showing up. (Check actual hours on the site, though.) Do not attempt to enter areas which staff are still setting up or are otherwise obviously closed.

Video programming is badgeless due to our contracts with the distributors. This includes adult video programming which you will absolutely need a government issued ID to attend, but won't necessarily need a badge for.

The outer hallway is a public area and thus is badgeless.

In the event that we determine that we need to pull your badge, preventing us from actually confiscating your badge through the badgeless areas is grounds for a permanent ban from future conventions.

Child Badge History Index

We comply with COPPA, and as such identifiable information on children under 13 is not kept in our registration system. We do keep track of group information and badge numbers. Child badges are entered without user accounts and are listed inside the chaperone's group as First Name: child, Last Name: child.

If a child turns 13 and wants to have their old badge(s) connected to their new account we CAN do that but ONLY if given the badge number and year of the child badge and preferably the chaperone name. It may be possible to link a child badge if we have the chaperone name "I went with Person X in 2013," but only if that was the only child that person was chaperoning. If the chaperone had 2 children in the group, we still will not be able to link the old child badge to the new account. This will limit progress on achievements which could be important to some people, so keep your child badge!

Children Index

Any children under the age of 13 will be given a free Child Badge and require a chaperone (18+) to attend the convention. Child Badges look distinct, so the rovers will be asking about chaperones if the child looks to be alone. Chaperone information must be on the back of the Child Badge and will be used to contact the chaperone if the child becomes separated. One person can chaperone multiple children.

Any children given a child badge who have a birthday during the convention and are then 13 and would not otherwise require a chaperone must still have their chaperone with them OR return to registration to purchase a paid badge.

We strongly recommend that all persons under the age of 18 have a chaperone with them at the convention. Although we are an all-ages convention, we can not be responsible for the actions of our attendees or your child. Your child may be exposed to material or persons which are not suitable for their age, and it would be best if a parent, guardian, or at least a responsible person who the parent or guardian trusts is watching.

WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS. We are not watching your child. We make the assumption that all individuals inside or outside of the convention are responsible for themselves or have someone responsible for them watching them. If we notice an individual is acting irresponsibly, they will be given a warning and may be removed from the convention and have their badge confiscated.

Parents - Please see Parental Programming Notice!!

Convention Merchandise Index

At the time of this writing we are looking into a new module to allow people to purchase convention merchandise through the online registration system.

It is not currently implemented. We hope to complete it soon so that if you end up with a nonrefundable discount then you can use it towards merchandise as well as badges.

You can purchase merchandise at registration. As of 2014 we hope to have a dedicated merchandise table, but any registration person should be able to help you. So while you are paying for your badge, you can buy a T-shirt or button at the same time.

Coupons Index

We use coupons primarily to track marketing. Who's coming to us from what source. They usually are $2 or $3, and rarely go up to $5 if it's something particularly special we're doing. You will not find coupons early in the year, so if you're looking for the best price, it's going to be for registering early. We generally start issuing coupons close to the end of preregistration.

Once you have registered, you have the option of entering a coupon on the payment page. Only one coupon may be entered per group per year. As soon as you have entered a coupon, the coupon section of the payment page will be locked for the duration of the registration year. You can not change a coupon once it has been entered.

Coupons apply to each badge up to the group discount cut off. So, if you have 4 group members and you have a coupon, your coupon discount applies to each badge (coupon discount * 4). However, when you add a fifth person, you now have a group discount. The coupon will only apply once to your entire group total after the group threshold, so now your 5 person group has not only a group discount off of each individual badge, but an additional coupon amount off of the total (group discount * 5 and coupon discount * 1).

We will not refund any coupon amount. If you pay in full and then later find a coupon, the only way to receive that coupon's benefit is to add another service (such as another registration) to your account. Adding a coupon after payment will give you a non-refundable credit good only for this con year. Any unused credits in the system will expire when registration closes. In other words, Coupons are NONREFUNDABLE, so if you don't use them by the time online registration closes, they are gone.

Coupons are somewhat unique in that they affect your entire registration amount, not just your badge, so the coupon will count against something like artist alley charges or convention merchandise.

Day Badges Index

Day badges are $20 at the time of this writing. Price is subject to change so review the Reg Info page. They are good for the entire day through 6am the following morning. So, if you purchase a Saturday badge, the Rovers will allow you to come and go until 6am Sunday morning.

Day badges are upgradable to weekend badges for the difference in price. Badges upgraded on the same day will require you to surrender your original day badge. For example, you can not buy a day badge on Saturday and upgrade it to a weekend badge on Saturday without surrendering your original Saturday badge. If you lost your original day badge, you may upgrade it the following day.

Duplicate Accounts Index

The registration system is set up so that one person has one account and they use that account every year. This allows us to do cool things like automatically apply discounts to your account if you run a panel or win a prize, or have the system assign achievements based on your history.

The registration staff do not like duplicate accounts. If you have a duplicate account please tell us (we wont be mad, we just want to clean up the database). This is easily determined if you are missing badge history. So if you came in 2011 and 2014 but you only have a badge for 2014 in your history, you have a duplicate account. You can see your registration history at the bottom of your Registration Info.

Duplicate Badges Index

If we find two people using the same badge or badge number, we will pull both badges without refund. (The only exception is if Registration accidentally issued two badges with the same number. It is extremely unlikely, but we will check.)

If we determine that you are using a counterfeit or duplicate badge, your badge will be confiscated, your picture will be taken and circulated among the staff, and you will be ejected from the convention.

Groups Index

Groups are one of our most complicated and head-achey registration features. It's something that seemed like a good idea on paper, and when everything goes perfectly, groups do actually allow registration to move faster.

The way groups are supposed to work is everyone signs up together beforehand and then registration can process ONE person at the convention and give that one person several badges, eliminating the need to process a bunch of people. This would make the line move faster, and take less time for the reg staff per person.

We also love it when groups pay together. It makes it so that PayPal isn't taking out fees from each badge, meaning the convention keeps a larger portion of your badge payment, allowing us to spend more money on convention enhancements.

As of 2014 if you are a part of a group, you can not receive a volunteer refund because it is far too time consuming to figure out who paid for an individual badge. If you didn't pay for it, you shouldn't be refunded for it – we aren't paying you, we're refunding you. So after a few years of that just getting harder and harder we've eliminated it. We will be phasing out volunteer refunds altogether, but this is what we cut first.

Our next headache comes when the group leader is unavailable to pick up a group's badges and the group wants their badges. This is . . . not solved, although we're working on it. We still strongly recommend that you only group with people you know will be attending at the same time as you, or earlier than you so they can pick up your badge they way they are supposed to.

Before online registration closes we can split groups just email us. There are far too many complications to allowing a group to split itself without contacting us, so just shoot us an email and we usually take care of it quickly. At the convention, however, it becomes hard to split groups.

We also do not allow people to purchase multiple badges, so you can't just buy another badge to circumvent the group leader problem. We're considering it, but at the time of this writing it's not possible with the system we have, so therefore we can't do it.

We've found that many groups make multiple small payments, and this system has caused more problems than it's solved, so every year we consider removing the discounts for groups, or making the person limit much higher, but at this time it will remain the same. Please review the registration page because that's where the up to date pricing and discounts are located.

This text isn't going to go into how group discounts work and how it works with other discounts. That info should be on the registration page.

A word of caution if you have paid for your badge and you join a group. Because of how payments work, if a member in the group you join is unpaid and they created their badge before you created yours, your payment will apply to their badge, leaving your badge unpaid. We strongly recommend that if you have paid for your badge, you only join completely paid groups, or you don't join a group at all. If your group is not completely paid then no one in the group receives preregistration badges. (We are working on solutions for these problems but there's your heads up.)

We have discussed disallowing people to join a group once they are paid completely. At this time, it has not be implemented.

Any groups which are unpaid at the close of online registration LOSE any group discount they would have received had they paid. Group discounts DO NOT APPLY at the convention!!! (see unused discounts)

Guest Badges Index

If you are a guest of honor you will still need to pick up your badge. It is required. However, do not wait in line! Go to the front. Registration has special instructions for you and has everything you are contracted to receive and we need to check you in and there are likely some final things you need to sign to prove receipt of your items.

For the record, I don't actually expect the guests of honor to read this policy, but it is a policy, so it's here.

Ideally, guest badges pick up during Special Badge Hours.

How Discounts Interact Index

Military discounts apply to one person's badge and no one else in that person's group. There will be no group discount on that badge and that badge will not count towards group counts. The larger of a coupon discount or military discount will be taken in the event of a coupon.

Coupons will apply to every badge unless the badge is already discounted (the larger of military or coupon will apply). For groups under the discount threshold (currently 5), the coupon will apply to each person in the group. Groups over the threshold will have the coupon applied only to the entire group amount after the group was discounted.

Coupons will apply to your total charges, so coupons can discount merchant fees, or convention merchandise.

Group discounts will only apply to individual badges, and only if the discount threshold is met. Complimentary badges do not count towards the group count. Badges discounted with the military discount do not count towards the count.

Panel and volunteer discounts will apply like a payment in the current year, but are NONREFUNDABLE and will not interact with other discounts. These discounts ACT like payments, as far as other discounts are concerned.

Panel and volunteer discounts will interact with each other, with panels being applied first and volunteer discounts being applied second. The total of panel and volunteer discounts for one person will not exceed one badge. So, if you do enough time to reach the cap, any remaining discount will disappear.

Panel and volunteer discounts which do not completely pay for a badge will leave the badge partially paid. If you do not pay for that badge, the price of the badge will increase with the normal registration price schedule until it is paid completely. For example if your badge has $1 remaining (or worse, $0.01 remaining), it is considered unpaid and will increase to $6 (or $5.01) remaining as of the next price tier.

Only the main person associated with the panel will receive the panelist discount. Additional members associated with panel will not.

ALL UNUSED OR INCOMLPETE DISCOUNTS (except military and panel/volunteer) DISAPPEAR AT THE END OF ONLINE REGISTRATION. If you have not paid for your registration, any discount you would have otherwise had (like group discounts or coupons) will no longer be valid at the close of online registration. Any negative balance you may have due to paying in full and later receiving a discount will also no longer be valid. (See Unused discounts)

Identification Index

ID is absolutely required for all registrations except children 12 and under. Acceptable IDs include:
* A government-issued ID (drivers license, state ID, military ID, etc)
* A school ID
* A parent present with ID

We understand that your school may not have issued the current year ID to you. You should have last year's. If you can not provide us with one of the above forms of ID we can not give you a badge.

If you can not receive your badge, there are some limited badgeless areas (see Badgeless Places/Times). We can provide you with a schedule so you can at least see what's playing when in the video rooms.

Large Groups and Class Trips Index

If you will be bringing a class to the convention please contact us in advance so that we can assist you in the process. Individuals under the age of 13 at the start of the convention will have free child badges, and individuals who are 13 and over will require purchased badges.

Day badges will not be discounted except in special circumstances.

Weekend badges can receive a $5 discount per badge if your group is 5 persons or larger. Due to the nature of our stepping registration prices, the sooner you can get us the information and the funds, the lower the price per person is likely to be. We MUST have full names and birth dates to be able to enter people into the registration system and discount badges in advance. However, if your group is over 10 people and knowing the names in advance is impossible, please contact registration so that we may attempt to help you.

There are no discounts on any registrations issued or paid after preregistration closes, so please get with us in advance.

Lost Badges Index

All found badges go back to Registration.

If you need to replace your badge, it is $20 to replace for the first loss, and a full badge price for any subsequent losses. This fee applies to everyone (including staff) except convention guests of honor. This fee also applies to day badges.

If you later find your badge, you may surrender your replacement for a refund of the replacement fee.

Lost or Unchaperoned Children Index

Children who are young enough to require a chaperone (12 and under) who have become separated from their parent or chaperone will be taken to the Rovers desk at the entrance to the main area of the convention. Every effort will be made to contact the chaperone using the contact information on the back of the child badge. The child will not be allowed back into the convention without the chaperone. Repeated separations may be subject to badge confiscation for both the child and chaperone without refund.

Merchants Index

Merchants are any special badge type which sells something, or could sell something. Artists, Vendors, Club/Org, and Swap Meet are the only merchants we have at the time of this writing.

Merchants must pick up their badges at registration. However, merchants are part of the special badge types, and thus are able to pick up during Special Badge Hours.

Some merchant types are given complimentary badges. See Unused Comp Badges.

Military Discounts Index

As of 2013 we will be giving a permanent military discount. At this time a military discount will replace all other possible discount.

Military discounts are replace all forms of other discounts for the individual. If you have a coupon which is less than the military discount, you will only receive the military discount. If you have a group which qualifies for the group discount, any members which are discounted with a military discount will not count towards the group count and will not receive a group discount.

Military discounts are non-refundable - if you pay full price and we mark you as discounted later, you will not receive any money back. However, like other discounts, you may add another registration or item to your charge to use up the discount. You will not receive money back at-con for it, either.

Military discounts are permanent and persist for every future convention year once it is in the system. This is also the only discount which will apply if you pay at-con instead of in advance. All we need is a copy of your military ID. To receive your discount in 2013, you will upload your ID to the registration system on the profile page. To receive it in 2014+, just bring your ID to registration at some point during the con and we'll mark your profile for it.

Military discounts apply only to an individual badge registration and will not apply to any other charges such as Artist Alley.

Panelist Discounts Index

We tried to offer refunds (like volunteers) to panelists. It didn't work. No one seemed to know about it, and not a single panelist turned in any time. Therefore, we are implementing an automatic panelist discount which carries forward one year. So if you provided 1 hour of programming in 2013, you would receive a discount for that hour in 2014. If you don't attend in 2014, your discount will not carry into 2015.

The current rate of the panelist discount will be on the registration page.

The programming department will verify that you ran your panel, and will mark your registration for the following year. This discount will not apply if you want to purchase your next year's badge at the current convention, so you may receive a nonrefundable discount on your account which can be used towards a group member's badge, or convention merchandise (when implemented).

See Unused Discounts / Negative Balance and Convention Merchandise

Panelist Temp Badges Index

This only applies to panelists or people doing programming who have special authorization to receive Temporary badges which will be good only for about 1 hour before the panel through about 1 hour after the panel.

Show up at least an hour before your panel to receive your badges – there may be a line. We can attempt to push you through, but we would prefer not to and we may not succeed in time depending on the size of your group.

If there is a huge line and you are there a reasonable period of time before your panel, please alert the staff so we can start your process. Some panelist temp badge groups have taken over 40 minutes to process.

Parents Index

Parents - Please see Parental Programming Notice as well!
We strongly recommend you attend with your child of any age (See Children).

We do not sell chaperone badges, but we do provide free Child Badges for individuals under the age of 13. If your child is between the ages of 13 and 18 and you wish to chaperone them (strongly recommended) you will need to purchase a badge for yourself. However, you may want to consider joining our staff instead.

We would love to have parents join our Rovers staff! As part of our staff you would receive a free badge for yourself and you would be able to be a valued part of the convention which your child is attending. There are some requirements to being staff, but they are minimal and if you truly can't meet some of them, you can have most (but not all) requirements waived with convention chair approval.

You may also volunteer for next year's free badge, or a refund, providing that we still offer volunteer refunds. Volunteer refunds are being phased out.

If you show up to the convention to pick up your child and they aren't answering their cell phone, we will make reasonable efforts to assist you in finding your child. We will have a Rover, or other available staff member accompany you into our convention to assist in finding your child. Registration can also issue Temp Badges so that you can have a limited-time free pass to the convention. The duration of our temp badges are usually 5 or 10 minutes.

We will not interrupt programming to make announcements to find your child, we will only help you look.

Phone Calls Index

There is no phone number for the convention. Registration can not receive phone calls. We strongly prefer all contact be in writing via email so that there is a searchable record of all discussions, actions, and decisions. Most requests for us to call you will be ignored, especially if your problem is easily solvable.

That being said, on rare occasions there are some staff members who may take it upon themselves to call you from their personal phones if you ask.

Price Tiers Index

The price for the year is whatever the "At-Con Price" is. So if the At-Con price is $40, then that is the registration price. We offer prepayment discounts which are larger the farther away from con it is paid. We generally talk as if prices are rising, but the reality is that the preregistration discount is shrinking as we get closer to the convention.

This is a common method which is employed by most conventions because they need cash in advance of the convention. We are building a bubble of cash in the bank to be able to no longer use this practice beyond encouraging preregistration. It is important to us that you preregister for the sake of faster lines, but every year it becomes less important that you preregister really early. As of 2014 there are price 4 tiers, but eventually there will only be 2 tiers – one for preregistration and one for registration.

Pulled Badges Index

Don't be stupid and you'll be fine. Most inappropriate behavior is first met with a warning. However, when the convention determines that it is necessary, we will confiscate your badge and eject you from the convention. We may circulate a picture of you to the rovers or general staff.

You will not be allowed back in for the duration of the convention. Most pulled badges are only for the current year. You will be notified if it is a longer or permanent ban.

Depending on the reason for the badge pull, you may or may not still be allowed in badgeless areas such as video programming.

Refunds & Transfers Index

As soon as you have paid for your registration, your registration is considered complete. Except for extreme circumstances authorized by the con chair, we will not refund any registration, in full or in part.

We do not transfer badges, but if you ask nicely the reg team may transfer a payment to another registered badge. Do not attempt to change the user profile to another person. The badge name is locked in. The reg team will have to restore the original information which may add a significant quantity of time to our responses to your requests. And we will always remember your name (you know who you are).

Registration Privacy & Published Information Index

See our Privacy Policy.

We do not publish or post identifiable information from our system anywhere with the following exceptions:

Your legal name will be printed on your badge (unless it's not).

Artist Alley
Approved Artists will have information relevant to their Artist Alley Table posted in the Artist Alley section of our site. If the artist posted a company, then we use their company name, following that, we use their Badge/Fan Name, and finally, if we have no other information we use their legal name as the system has it. If you do not want your legal name on your Artist Alley Listing, either include a Company Name during your Artist Alley registration or enter a Badge Name in your registration info. You can update your badge name on the Registration Info page at any time.

Most vendors enter a Company Name (it's hard to be a Vendor without one), so although the above information about Artist Alley applies to the vendors list as well, it doesn't usually matter.

There are no other exceptions to this that we are aware of at the time of this writing.

Special Badge Hours Index

We have hours for "Special" badges such as staff, artists, vendors, guests, etc. At this time we do not handle unpaid badges at all, and discourage paid general attendees from picking up. In fact, we may turn paid general attendees away completely, but it's up to the people behind the tables at the time. If there is NO ONE in the room, and a paid attendee enters, we won't turn them away, but if there are staff (or other) members waiting, we will not handle general attendees at all.

If an attendee with a Special Badge misses the Special Badge Hours, they must stand in line to receive their badge (the only exception to this is convention Guests of Honor who should go to the front of the line immediately, or have Nathan handle it).

Special Needs Index

If you are responsible for a special needs individual who can not attend the convention by themselves regardless of their age, please contact us in advance. We will issue one free badge for the two of you which will be the same type (weekend or day) as the one purchased badge. In other words, if you purchase a day badge we will issue you a free day badge, but if you purchase a weekend badge we will issue you a free weekend badge.

If you can not contact us in advance, we will do what we can at the convention but we can not guarantee anything.

Staff Badges Index

Show up during staff hours or wait in the line. All registration policies apply to staff, including waiting in line (and volunteering to help reg staff for 1-2 hours!).

That being said, if there is an emergency and you absolutely need your badge right now to ensure the convention continues to run smoothly then let registration know the details and we're likely to push you through.

Absolutely no one will be made a staff member at con. All staff members must be approved through the online registration system and have met or been excused from all minimum qualifications in advance of the convention. You are, however, welcome to volunteer.

Staff badges pick up during Special Badge Hours

Temp Badges Index

Approved Reasons -
* You are with the press and want a tour of the con (Nathan, Gopher, or Beta will assist you).
* You need to find your child.
* You have arranged it in advance for convention programming (see Panelist Temp Badges).

Temp badges will NOT be issued for anyone just wanting to check out the convention. Buy a day badge.

The Registration Line Index

If you can not reasonably wait in line due to a physical challenge or a fussy child, please alert the line control staff immediately. You will be pulled to the front. We want everyone to enjoy the convention as much as possible. None of us want to listen to a screaming child. We also don't want you to have to work your way through the line and be physically exhausted by the time you get to the front.

That being said: if you can wait in line, then wait in line. It's only fair that you wait your turn. You can always come at a slower time. Registration usually has short or nonexistent lines during the following times:
* Thursday hours
* Friday early morning (before 11am)
* Friday evening (after 7pm)
* Saturday morning and evening
* Sunday hours

If you do not want to wait in a long line, do not show up as late as Friday afternoon. Friday between about 11am and 4pm is our longest line for the entire con. It would be the worst time to arrive if you don't want to deal with the line. (8am on Friday, however, has like . . . zero line.)

That being said, if you are waiting in line and want to be more productive, feel free to ask the Registration staff if you can volunteer. You will be required to volunteer for 1-2 hours, you will receive your badge, help others push through faster, and you will get a small discount towards next year OR a small volunteer refund. You are, of course, welcome to volunteer longer. A full refund or free weekend badge is 12 hours as of the time of this writing. (Refunds are being phased out, so make sure to check at the convention if you qualify for a refund if you want one.)

Registration is not obligated to accept you as a volunteer. There are pinch points in the process other than staff, such as computers, space, and supplies, so it is possible that they can't take you. If they have room for you they might take you, but they may have all the hands they can use. You are encouraged to volunteer with the general volunteer desk once you have your badge.

Unused Comped Badges Index

There are situations where you may end up with unused complimentary badges. The most common situation is an artist who also is a staff member. As of this writing, staff members receive one complimentary badge, and artists receive one complimentary badge, so a staff member who is also an artist will receive a total of two complimentary badges.

Complimentary badges MUST be used up through the online registration system. They become invalid as soon as online registration closes. You can not bring a friend to registration and tell the person behind the desk that this is your other free badge because reg can not help you. If you have any trouble adding group members, please contact registration in advance so we can help you.

Unused complimentary badges have no value and CAN NOT be used towards other charges such as artist alley charges or convention merchandise. (We get that question from artist/staff members almost every year.)

Unused Discounts / Negative Balance Index

If you don't use a discount or negative balance, you lose it. Discounts must be used before online registration closes. The best way to use a discount is to add another registration to your group.

Unused discounts from coupons, groups, panelist hours, volunteer hours, etc, are NONREFUNDABLE, meaning you will not receive the cash back at the convention if you don't use it somehow.

The only exception is a negative balance on your account due to OUR error. In 2013 we had a weird thing happen with the server which moved the price to the next price level 6 hours early. We had several people pay at the higher price when they shouldn't have. When we fixed the error these people had a negative balance. Since this was our error, we refunded them when they picked up their badges at the convention.

We are looking into allowing purchases of convention merchandise through the registration system so that you can use your discount on things like a T-shirt or a button. It is not implemented as of this writing.

If you would have had a discount but you did not pay for your registration, all discounts will disappear at the close of online registration except military discounts. You must be completely paid to keep coupon or group discounts. For example, you join a group which is above the group threshold at 10 members. This group owes a discounted total of $350, and you have a $5 coupon, so the total is actually $345. However, at the close of online registration, no one has paid for it (or you have partially paid it). Because the group is not completely paid for, the discount became invalid at the close of online registration so your group now owes $400 (or $400 minus any partial payments) to be able to receive all the badges at the convention. If your group is not completely paid then no one in the group receives preregistration badges (we do try to pick you out by hand and get your badges printed, but we won't promise it).

The only exception for groups losing their discount is if your group has paid for members over the threshold. Registration can break unpaid members off of your group and you would still receive your discount. Unpaid members will have to pay for and pick up their own badges.