SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2021 con was October 29-31, 2021. The 2022 con has not been announced yet.
VACCINES REQUIRED FOR CON THIS YEAR. Read our full COVID-19 policy for 2021 here.


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2021 Tabletop List

Universus Prepare for the fight of the century! Universus puts you in the shoes of your favorite character, whether it be Bakugo from My Hero Academia or Spike from Cowboy Bebop, and pits you in a no-holds barred fight against your opponent! With representatives from Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, MHA, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Mega Man, this is a card game you've got to see to believe!

Pokemon Trading Card Game The Pokemon Trading Card Game awaits you! Come learn how to play with our in-house experts or show off your deck with those who'll appreciate it. Play how you want to play or learn the game and join the fun!

Magic: The Gathering The oldest trading card game in the world awaits you! Summon powerful creatures, unleash ancient magic, and master dread artifacts in the one and only Magic: The Gathering! You'll find plenty a worthy foe to challenge, or you can begin your epic journey here!

BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat BattleTech is the game of giant stompy robots battling for fame and fortune. If you like Mecha, this is your game! Demonstrations and 1 on 1 play times available.

D&D Character Creation Workshop Come create the character you will portray in the horror themed modules available for play. All accepted books available, and a Master GM on hand to help you flesh out your character.

Red Markets Zombies, got your zombies here! Red Markets is a post zombie apocalypse game of economic horror. You and your crew are “Takers”, the ones who leave the safe enclaves and go out to collect resources from the zombie hordes. Play is entirely in the theater of the mind, so come prepared to imagine what it might be like 5 years after a zombie apocalypse happens.

D&D: Death House In the land of Barovia, Death House awaits the party that can solve its problems. 2 children, Rosavalda and Thornboldt, are in the street before the house. Will you pay heed to them?

D&D: Disturbance at the Slaughterhouse The rural town of Callenburg needs help. The traveling necromancer usually makes an appearance every few months to tamp down the necromantic energies generated by mass death, such as those produced by battlefields and slaughterhouses. However, a few months ago something went wrong, and when the traveler stopped by a few weeks ago to handle the problem, he was killed. Three slaughterhouse workers have also been killed, and now the slaughterhouse is left empty because the workers will not go in. As the town’s major employer, this has hit the town hard. Will you help them solve the problem?

D&D: Small Town Problems Jedafore has always been that little rural town that travelers pass through and call the locals queer. Townsfolk customarily leave offerings to the spirits of the area at a clearing just outside of town. Recently, however, when people go to make offerings, they are getting attacked by something, which has killed a couple of townsfolk and injured another. Hunting hounds has not been able to find any traces to follow, and now the townsfolk are afraid that the land itself is turning against them. Will you help the town?

D&D: Hatching Undead The Barrow farm has always made more profit than their neighbors, because they do their own butchering and don’t have to pay a town butcher to do it for them. But something has gone wrong. When the market crew returned to the farm, they found the rest of the family dead. Determined to figure out what had happened and stop it, three of the boys stayed overnight, only to be found dead in the morning. Now, no one stays there. Will you help the stricken family?

D&D: The Korkati Mazes This Dungeons and Dragons adventure pits you against the Korkati Mazes, the remnants of a long-lost city, buried deep beneath the desert sands. The desert winds will scour the dunes clean, unearthing mysterious ruins which hold rich treasures and deadly foes, but your greatest enemy is time, as the desert will swallow the ruins again before long, and if you are still in them, the sands will claim you as well! Adventure written and supplied by Kobold's Keep. Characters provided.

Shadows of Brimstone A two to four player cooperative game where you step into the role of characters from the Wild West to take on otherworldly horrors haunting an abandoned mine. Choose from a myriad of heroes, be they the Bandido or the Saloon girl, and bring the fight to the forces of evil!

Destiny Aurora: Renegades Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a fast-paced, sci-fi adventure game that takes place both on the planet's surface and in orbit as the Renegades try to complete missions while attempting to be thwarted by the Coalition agents. Campaign-based miniatures game. Choose a ship, choose a crew, and choose a side.

Chronicles of Crime: 1400 In this Altered Reality board game, you and your friends step into the shoes of a famed knight and solve crimes in the medieval past! Consult your family, view prophetic visions, and use your trusty dog Percival to scour Paris for clues, witnesses, and evidence to solve the crimes contained within! An introductory case takes about an hour to solve.

Paint and Take Come down to our famous Paint and Take! Pick up any miniature you like; its price includes unlimited time at our painting table with our supplies. Local experts will be around to share tips, give advice, and display their own projects, so make sure to take a look!

Speed Painting Contest Ready! Set! PAINT! You have one hour to paint a miniature using the provided supplies! All you have to do to enter is a buy a miniature, so gear up and give it your best effort to earn fabulous prizes! Of course, your miniature is yours to keep after you finish.

Cardlords Presents CardLords Presents allows you to play games like BattleGoats, Pirate's Flag, and Lucky Luau with their creator! Stop by to enjoy good games or speak with an expert on game design.

SNAFU D&D: Lost Time The DMs of SNAFU have written a unique adventure to celebrate the weekend! Each day of the convention has a new adventure available for play, with Town Out of Time on Friday, Curse Breakers on Saturday, and The Would-Be Master on Sunday! Don't miss these thrilling games!

Tabletop and Chill Come, relax, and unwind from a day full of gaming by pulling up a seat... and doing more gaming. During the after hours, Dragon Paragon is happy just to jam out with whoever's around and run games by request, or bust out some old favorites.

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