SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2020 con will be November 13-15. The 2019 con was November 15-17.


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2019 Tabletop List

Shadows of Brimstone A two to four player cooperative game where you step into the role of characters from the Wild West to take on otherworldly horrors haunting an abandoned mine. Choose to play as a Gunslinger, Bandido, Saloon girl, or US Marshal and bring the fight to the forces of evil!

Tabletop and Chill Come, relax, and unwind from a day full of gaming by pulling up a seat... and doing more gaming. During the after hours, our distinguished DMs will be happy just to jam out with whoever's around and run games by request, or bust out some old favorites.

UFS Demo Round 1, FIGHT! UFS, or Universal Fighting System, is a card game where you pick a character form various fighting game franchises and step into the ring! Pit Street Fighter's Ryu versus Mega Man himself, or any of the dozens available from a myriad of sources! My Hero Academia coming soon!

Forbidden Fortress (Shadows of Brimstone) A two to four player cooperative game where you step into the role of characters from Feudal Japan to take on mythic monsters dwelling within a ruined fortress. Choose to play as a Samurai, Monk, Assassin, or Sorcerer to cleanse evil from the land! Compatible with Shadows of Brimstone.

Pokémon TCG Gotta catch 'em all! And then build a deck out of 'em and fight your friends! Stop by at any point to learn how to play the one and only Pokémon Trading Card Game, with decks provided for the experience.

Paint and Take Come down to our famous Paint and Take! Pick up any miniature you like; its price includes unlimited time at our painting table with our supplies. Local experts will be around to share tips, give advice, and display their own projects, so make sure to take a look!

Speed Painting Contest Ready, Set...PAINT! Join our annual speed painting contest - it's free to join with the purchase of any miniature. After that, you have 1 hour to paint it using the tools provided. Fabulous prizes are awarded to the top three! Entry can be done at any time during the weekend, but all participants are judged at Sunday at 11 am.

Board Game Bonanza Play board games to your heart's content! Our friends at RAGECON have provided their mammoth board game library for your enjoyment. There's something for everyone, so bring your friends and grab an old favorite or try something new!

CardLords Presents CardLords Presents allows you to play games like BattleGoats, Animalchemists, and Take the Gold with their creator! Stop by to enjoy good games or speak with an expert on game design.

BattleGoats Tournament This FREE to enter tournament for BattleGoats features prizes for the winners and promos for all! We can only fit 8 players, so sign up in Tabletop now!

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.