SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

Read our full COVID-19 policy here.


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Dress Code

Badges Index

Your badge must be visible while you are on the con floor. Visible means we can see it. If a staffer can't see it, and he asks you to show it, you must show it. If you're posing for a picture, we understand you pocketing the badge for a minute. Please leave it in an easily visible place, like your head (a la karate kid), your belt loop (like a janitor's keycard), or your collar (like a tie). We would prefer it to be visible from the front--your backside is not our main concern.

Pro tip - have your badge clearly visible when passing badge checkpoints so that you aren't slowed down. If you try to flash it by them, they will stop you to examine it. Rovers and various badge-checkers will wave you past when they see it, so hold it out for them and slow down when passing. Also, if you put your badge away as soon as you're past the checkpoint, you may get hassled because we look for people who may have snuck past badge checkpoints.

Masks Index

Masks are strongly encouraged, but no longer required, for attendees of the convention.

- N95/KN95 required for anyone who has received a vaccine medical exemption to attend.
- N95/KN95 required for on-shift staff & volunteers in customer-facing positions
- Cloth masks or face shields, or better are required for panelists/performers while they are panelisting/performing.
- N95/KN95 required for vendors/artists while they are at their booth/table.

If you're going to wear a mask for the health of yourself and others, please keep in mind how to properly wear a mask! Mask must cover both your nose and your mouth and seal well against your face. There is some conflicting research about the usefulness of cloth masks for COVID-19, so a K/N95 is recommended.

Smoking Cosplays Index

Absolutely nothing that puts out smoke (smoking/vaping)!

No real fire! (Fake fire made out of paper and a fan is okay, or digital fire, lights, etc.)

Shoes Index

Please wear shoes. Flip-flops are OK, but shoes are always a good idea. If you are staying stationary (posing for cosplay photos, or sitting still), you may have your shoes off, but as soon as you start to move around the convention you are required to wear something protective on your feet.

THE RAVE IS NO EXCEPTION. In fact, if you are in the rave, we recommend (but don't yet require) closed-toed shoes. There are many people stomping around in steel-toes, and if you're hopping around in flip-flops you're asking for a world of pain.

If you are walking around the con floor or dancing in the rave, you will be asked to put on shoes. Rave staff is watching closely for this, so don't expect to get it past us and please don't make us approach you. We're asking you to keep shoes on for your safety.

We will not be held accountable for any damages or injuries that occurs due to inadequate or improper footwear.

Minimum Coverage Index

Bottoms - Please wear sufficient clothing to cover your behind. There are to be no cheeks showing, and absolutely no genitals.

Tops (general) - The following are acceptable: bare back; exposed midriff.

Tops (women) - Women need to keep their breasts sufficiently covered (70% or more). There is to be no nipple, "side-boob," or "under-boob" showing. Dramatically plunging necklines which reveal side cleavage or under-boob are not allowed (otherwise they're fine). Please use flesh-colored tape or fabric to secure plunging necklines.

Tops (men) - Men are required to wear at minimum a crop top (no "man-boobs") unless it is part of a character cosplay. Men may be topless as long as we can find your character with a google search.

Essentially - make sure everything is sufficiently covered. You are beautiful and we love you, but we don't want to see your 'private parts' around con. Remember - this is an all-ages con and we need the people walking the hallways to be wearing all-ages clothing.

Please ensure that your cosplay is secure! "Wardrobe malfunctions" are grounds for having your badge immediately pulled. You also may be turned in to on-site security or the local authorities for indecent exposure. We advise you to do a wiggle test at home - bend, twist, and bounce. If anything flashes: secure it, then repeat. (Pro tip: if you're wearing boxers as part of your cosplay, make sure they are sewn shut in the front!)

Flesh-Colored Underwear (Illusion of Nudity) Index

There is to be absolutely no illusion of nudity. If from 50 feet away it looks like you're not wearing a shirt or pants, we're going to ask you to put more on.

This applies to flesh-colored underwear, bodysuits, or anything which makes it looks like you're nude or partially nude. However, if your cosplay is painted or pieced on to something flesh-colored, it may be okay if you don't look like you *could* be exposing something from a distance. Please send us pictures in advance so that we may make a final decision.

Flesh colored underwear may be worn under cosplay which would otherwise be deemed too revealing.

See-Through or Tight Clothing Index

If you choose to wear see-through clothing, you must still be sufficiently covered. Please follow the minimum coverage policy. If we can see through your clothes to your body parts, you will be asked to change.

Please follow the Underwear as Cosplay policy if we can see your underwear through your clothes.

If your clothes are tight enough that we can see a clear outline of your genitals you will be asked to change (Pro tip: wear a cup!).

Underwear as Cosplay Index

Use your head, please and don't make us restrict this further. Please follow minimum coverage policy.

Boxers - Please sew up the fly on boxers.

Bras / bikini tops - On women, we will allow bras or bikini tops as long as your breasts are at least 70% covered, it is not see-through or flesh colored, and there is no nipple showing. There is also to be absolutely no 'side-boob' or 'under-boob.'

Bare Chests - For now we will allow men to have an exposed/bare chest as long as it is part of a character cosplay. You may not remove your shirt if it is not part of a character cosplay. If not easily recognizable, it must be a character we can find on google. We have smart phones - we will check.

Panties - If your panties are showing as part of your cosplay, they need to be solid (nothing see-through!) and large enough to cover your private parts and the majority of your back-side (no cheeks showing).

We do not allow a cosplay which is only a bra and panties even if it follows the proceeding rules. We also do not allow lingerie for the sake of wearing lingerie, but we will allow it if part of a character cosplay (and we can find your character easily on a google search). However, your cosplay must still follow our aforementioned minimum coverage policy!

If you have any question about your cosplay, send us a picture of you in the cosplay (front, side and back pictures if relevant).

Short Dresses/Skirts Index

If we can see under your skirt without trying, please wear something appropriate underneath. Bike shorts would be ideal.

However, we understand if you choose the classic white panties you see in anime all the time. If your panties are showing as part of your cosplay, they need to be complete opaque and large enough to cover your private parts and the majority of your back-side (no cheeks showing).

Skirts/dresses that are cut up the side of your leg are okay as long as no cheek is showing. We recommend flesh-colored tape or fabric to secure it.

Large Costumes Index

Please be sure to keep all large costumes contained as much as possible. If possible, we recommend the use of handlers to help manage your costume if it is large.

If elements of your costume cause problems, we may ask you to change, or remove pieces of it (if applicable).

Signs Index

We like signs. We will not ban signs in general. Make your signs and hold your signs proudly! However, we must limit the content of the signs. We can not allow any signs that advertise services in exchange for goods or other favors ('will x for y'). No 'will glomp for pocky;' no 'will hug for pocky,' etc. We find them as amusing and harmless as you do but the law does not. These signs count as solicitation. So if you're going to hold them, do it in Dayton.

Please refrain from signs that could be considered offensive to any other individual. This is a family event and any offensive signs will be confiscated. This includes, but is not limited to, signs with inappropriate language, political signs that have nothing to do with anime or the convention ("Cthulhu for president" is okay), or signs that insult or harass any con-goer, staff, vendor, sponsor, or guest.

Don't make us take your signs away. =(
'Free Hugs' is always okay. =)