SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2019 con will be November 15-17. The 2018 con was November 16-18.


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A SNAFU Con registration account is required to join the Discord chat. When you click the button below your Discord account will be linked to your registration account and you will automatically be added to the SNAFU Con Discord server. You will be prompted to log in to (or create) your registration and Discord accounts if you have not done so already.

Join SNAFU Con on Discord

Your Name in Chat

When you first join the Discord server your nickname will be set automatically based on your name in the SNAFU Con registration system. You can change it at any time by clicking the server name in the top left corner of the Discord interface and choosing "Change Nickname"

Please use either your real name or what the SNAFU staff call you in person. In other words, if we know you as Origami, but your real name is Sierra (hi Origami) then you should use Origami as your nickname. However, if you have a nickname which none of us knows, now is not the time to try and make it happen. DO NOT USE CHAT HANDLES - this is not a public chat system so don't treat it like one. Unless the majority of the staff calls you "Flying Fish," DON'T use it as your name.

Similarly, if no one (or almost no one) on staff knows your real name because you've been given a permanent nickname, then your Discord nickname really needs to be that nickname (examples include Beta, Sammich, Nyandrew, Origami, Haku, and Gopher).

The admin will change your nickname if we feel you chose poorly.

Non-staff in Chat

Can you sign up of you're not a staff member? Sure! We will not be able to put you in any of the private room chats, but you can talk with people in the General Room, and sit in on Staff Meetings if you care to.


Please do not annoy other people in the chat system. If we find that you are causing trouble we will remove you from the system.

Trolls live under the bridge.

Staff members removed from the staff chat aren't likely to remain staff members.

Chat Bot

Hayate is our robot butler (chatbot). You don't need to be nice to him. He has no feelings. You can kick him all you want and he won't even dent. He may run away though. We found out he was shy around strangers when he was first installed.

He does serve the admin (we have some admin-only tools installed on him), but he will respond to things the other registered members say.

We have two fun "everyone" things installed on him right now.

The first is karma. You can give a word karma, or take it away, by using ++ and --, respectively. For example to give the word "bacon" karma, you would type bacon++. To take karma away from he word "sleep" you would say "sleep--".

It's useless but kinda fun for some reason.

To see how much karma a word has you type the word and ~~ so:

The second is an image search which makes it feel like he's trying to communicate with us.

To use:
@hayate image (word or phrase here)

For example, "@hayate image bacon" and he will post an image of bacon to the chat. Often times these can get VERY strange because the way it works is an "I feel lucky" google image search. So . . . yeah. xD

The things listed above will ONLY work if Hayate is in the room and online.