SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2020 con will be November 13-15. The 2019 con was November 15-17.


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Guests of Honor

Marissa Lenti Index

Marissa Lenti Marissa Lenti is a voice actress you can hear in anime roles including Cocotte in Dragon Ball Super, Libra in Fairy Tail, Gray Wolf in Kemono Friends, Momoko Hyakushiki and Kuu in NANBAKA, Chiaki Hoshinomori in Gamers!, Mistress Sadie in One Piece, Ilse Langnar in Attack on Titan: Junior High, Saeko Nogami in City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes, and Alicia Florence in Aria the Animation. She’s also appeared in many video games, such as the playable character Moze in the newly released Borderlands 3, as well as characters in Brawl Stars, SMITE, Yandere Simulator, Huniepop 2, A Hat In Time, My Tamagotchi Forever, and more.

When she’s not acting, she’s casting and directing for Sound Cadence Studios. Some of her recent projects include directing the English dubs of the anime Kemono Friends, B’t X, This Boy Is A Professional Wizard, and This Boy Suffers From Crystallization, as well as casting for Rooster Teeth’s RWBY, gen:LOCK, Red vs. Blue, Nomad of Nowhere, and Camp Camp. She’s also an ADR writer, providing the scripts for Kemono Friends, Bloom Into You, Tada Never Falls in Love, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes, and Love Stage!!, to name a few. To learn more about Marissa, check out her website at or follow her on Twitter or Instagram (@MarissaLenti).

Bill Timoney Index

Bill TimoneyBill Timoney entered the field of anime dubbing in 1991, when he was cast as the lead male voice in the infamous “erotic-grotesque” horror anime Legend of the Overfiend and its sequel Legend of the Demon Womb. He then booked the role for which anime fans know him best: Parn, the hero of the classic anime OVA Record of Lodoss War and its TV version Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.

Bill has voiced several recurring guest villain roles on the enduring TV series Pokémon (including Nando, Conway, and Harley #2). He's well known for voicing the role of Club President Madarame in the fanboy comedy anime series Genshiken. Bill also adapted the scripts, cast the voice talent, and directed the ADR recording sessions for Genshiken, Genshiken 2, and the show's companion show Kujibiki Unbalance. Bill script-adapted and directed the dubbing for the 26-episode Gokudo: Swordsman Extraordinaire, Gravitation, and Gravitation: Lyrics of Love. He directed ADR for Jewel BEM Hunter Lime, Madara, and episodes of Comic Party and Record of Lodoss War. Bill adapted the script for Magical Witch Punie-chan, as well as for an animated film based on the life of revered Persian poet Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi.

Bill's voice work can be heard in the anime-dubs of Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Legend of Himiko, Iria: Zeiram the Animation, Gravitation, Kujibiki Unbalance, Madara, Gokudo:Swordsman Extraordinaire, Battle Skipper, Battle Athletes Victory, Battle Arena Toshinden, Perfect Blue, .hack, Gatchaman II, Black Heaven, Fist of the North Star, Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, Jewel B.E.M. Hunter Lime, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Dominion: Tank Police, Here is Greenwood, My My Mai, E.Y.E.S. Of Mars, Magical Witch Punie-chan, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Street Fighter II V, Serial Experiments Lain, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Ikki Tousen, My My Miracle, Mazinger Z Infinity, Digimon, and the Queen's Blade series.

Props Shop Index

Prop ShopProp ShopReturning guests Ashley Montgomery and Paul Esquer began cosplaying in 2006, creating over 90 costumes combined and winning over 30 awards in major cosplay competitions. The pair launched a successful business known as The Props Shop in 2008 and have created countless props over the years for personal commissions, theater, and film. Both cosplayers have also appeared in popular shows such as Heroes of Cosplay and The Try Guys. Paul was the first-round winner in the series finale of SyFy’s Cosplay Melee. At SNAFU Con they have been guest judges for the cosplay competition and are proud to make a return this year. Come see them in the dealers’ hall if you can!

Aaron Romo Index

Aaron RomoAaron Romo—a Sheridan graduate with a BA in traditional animation—has been in the animation and illustration industries for over two decades, having worked with companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Feature, Nickelodeon, Calabash, Zynga, and Sony Pictures. Some of his work includes the feature film Anastasia; television shows such as The Proud Family, Hey Arnold, Rocket Monkeys, and The Spectacular Spider-Man; commercials for the Trix Rabbit and Lucky the Leprechaun; and video games Epic Mickey, Banner Saga, Villains’ Revenge, Mafia Wars, Fishville, Treasureville, Farmville, and Rollercoaster Kingdom. Aaron has also taught courses in fine art, animation, and cartooning.

He now works as a freelance animator and concept designer and is the creator of the popular and well-loved webcomic Fairview High ( Fairview High is now in its 8th year and is currently being pitched as an animated series.

Danielle McRae Index

Danielle McRaeDanielle McRae is a voiceover actress residing in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for video games and anime has driven her to pursue a voice acting career in the industry. Some of her most notable credits have been Karma the Enlightened One (League of Legends), Hagara the Stormbinder (World of Warcraft: Cataclysm), and Painwheel (Skullgirls Encore, the popular 2D fighting game).

Her anime roles include Onlooker (Sword Art Online), Onderia (Gargantia: On the Verderous Planet), Orba (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic), Reina (Kuroba Adventures), Lucy/Nyu (Death Battle), and African Wild Dog (Kemono Friends).

Danielle has earned many other video game roles: Threia Hazelgrimm (Atelier Escha & Logy); S-Sha (Megadimension Neptunia VII); Cheetah (Cyberdimension Neptunia); Amira and Faith (Monster Prom); Lucy/Nyu (Death Battle); Milo (Detective Pikachu); Rosemary Reed (Remothered: Tormented Fathers); Renata, Harmony, and Dark Harmony (Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie); Jackelyn Tywood (Dimension Drive); Rift Arachna (Heroes of Newerth); New Conglomerate soldier (Planetside 2); Sidel (Dragon Nest); Captain Arley Sims and The Adjutant (Starcraft Universe); Wing Diver Unit (Earth Defense Force 2025); Rogue (Nuclear Throne); Commander (Warfare Online), Zorin Blitz (TeamFourStar’s Hellsing Ultimate Abridged); Female Keeper (Enderal: The Shards of Order); Rami the Repossession Monk (Banzai Arcade); Isys (Dead Island: Epidemic); and much more.

DaRapNerd Index

Darealwordsound DaRapNerd (The Rap Nerd) aka Orion Pax aka Wordy aka The Black Wookie aka the Guy with So Many Names is from Fairfield/Suisun, CA. He now lives in Vacaville, CA, but is always in a new city somewhere working with someone. DaRapNerd is an Emcee, Producer, Musician, Mentor, Philanthropist, Nerd, Activist, and Founder of the new indie label There Goes Ya Neighborhood (TGYN), which houses new artists such as Forcee the KID and The Philharmonik. DaRapNerd has self-booked and promoted four out-of-state tours since 2014. He has extended his fan base into Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In 2016, he performed at SXSW and was on the Vans Warped Tour with H2Flow as DJ/emcee at Pomona and Las Vegas. DaRapNerd has opened for major to up-and-coming underground artists such as Mega Ran, Richie Branson, Homeboy Sandman, Mr. Lif, Dibia$e, Reverie & Louden Beats, Charlie Muscle, Chino XL, Luckyiam (Living Legends), Del The Funky Homosapien, The Artifacts (El Da Sensei & Tame One), Edo.G, The Slants, Fresh Kils, Noa James, King Dice, JIG, and West Coast Avengers.

DaRapNerd is known outside of music for being an active member of Today’s Future Sound and FME After School, which empower, educate, and encourage Bay Area youth in the creative arts and alternative sports. DaRapNerd also co-started Words for the Kids, a nonprofit that raises money for foster youth during the holiday season. This year, he expanded his philanthropy by working more with Heads Up Oakland and 1st Fam Family First, teaching and helping organize alternative summer activities for Bay Area youth. DaRapNerd is a nerd who loves hip hop and people. He is an artist’s artist and a nerd’s nerd. With three mixtapes and four instrumental albums, DaRapNerd continues to expand his audience and promote positivity.

Cole Feuchter Index

Cole FeuchterGive a big Reno welcome to Cole Feuchter, voice actor and streamer from Dallas, Texas! His biggest roles are The Divine Speaker (The Divine Speaker), Lenga Valentine (Full Service), Naoto Hamasaki/Archer Springfield (Camp Buddy), Momo (Dear Monster), Matt/Kenta’s Whistle (To Trust an Incubus), Chef/Inquisitor/Mechanic/Shinobi Jiji/Fishmonger (PopUp Dungeon), Harse (My Magical Demon Lover), and Lau (SINFUL, the virtual boy band). He is the other half of YouTube channel The Retrocade (with Kiba Walker) and is very excited to take part in his first convention in Reno!

Cole graduated with a degree in Japanese language in 2018. In addition to streaming and voiceover, he teaches Japanese lessons via Unlocked, an anime convention app.

If you want to know more about Cole, you can follow him on Twitter (@LordAzria) or look him up on IMDb.

Melissa McCommon Index

Melissa McCommonMelissa McCommon is a California-based artist with an Illustration and Graphic Design Degree. She is a certified Copic instructor and has over 8 years of experience as a professional freelance illustrator and comic creator.

Melissa has worked on a number of projects for clients, including providing artwork and consultation for the Vaca-Con convention in Vacaville, CA. Most notable is her coloring assistance for the middle-school graphic novels by Svetlana Chmakova, including Awkward (Eisner nominated), Brave, Crush (Eisner nominated), and the soon-to-be-released Diary.

​When not freelancing for clients, Melissa can be found working on her own projects—such as her webcomic Epic Chaos!—and drawing lots of pictures of her D&D characters.

Kiba Walker Index

Kiba WalkerReno-grown, Texas-bound! Kiba Walker is here, and he's very excited to be back at SNAFU Con. Getting his start in voiceover in Reno back in 2013, Kiba has hit many strides in his career since heading to Texas in 2017. His most notable roles are Tsukano Ryou (Junji Ito Collection), Keitaro Nagame/Yoshinori Nagira (Camp Buddy), Sota Kobayashi (Full Service), Fawn (The Divine Speaker), Yuuki Nekota (I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom!), Amon/Gnart (Earthlock: Festival of Magic), and Faeryn (Dear Monster). Besides Junji Ito Collection, you can hear Kiba in the Funimation dubs of Garo Vanishing Line, Card Captor Sakura Clear Card, Black Clover, Mix, Yu-No, All Out!, Boogiepop and Others, Quintessential Quintuplets, and Kono Oto Tomare. In the video game sphere, you can hear him as Centrian/DJ Mute/Thrilla Killa/Tinkerer/Nunchaku Ninja (PopUp Dungeon), Michael (Morningdew Farms), Carolina Dingo (PawTail), Kenta (To Trust an Incubus), Francis Hale/Father Karver (Something in the Dark), and Soldier (Seduce Me 2: The Demon War). He is also Vincent in the upcoming virtual boy band SINFUL.

From 2018 to the beginning of 2019, Kiba was featured as a correspondent on GameStop TV. Kiba also has a YouTube channel, KibaKovers, where he writes and records his own adaptations of anime, video game, and top 40 songs. With his partner Cole Feuchter, he also runs The Retrocade, a Twitch and YouTube channel where they both stream retro and vintage games across various genres. More recently, Kiba has been involved in the Dallas drag scene under the name Salem Moon, where he performs with North Texas Drag Bingo in Plano and Denton. He is a current competitor on the local show The Three in Fort Worth. If you recall, Kiba loves Pocky, loves his fans, and cannot wait to spend a weekend with his Reno family.

If you want to know more about Kiba, you can follow him on Twitter (@justkibawalker) or look him up on AnimeNewsNetwork and IMDb.

Spencer Stoner Index

Spencer StonerSpencer has wanted to be a writer since he was twelve. Now he is the author of the Ophelia Legacy series of novels.

He is also into comic books and manga. In fact, he wanted to write comics before he even thought about writing a book. To that end, Spencer just released his first graphic novel, Divine Intervention.

Spencer is also co-host of the pop culture podcast The Two Nerdy Dudes. Check it out on Soundcloud!