SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

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Guests of Honor

Brandon Boykins Index

Brandon BoykinsBrandon Boykins is an actor/national cosplayer born and raised in the Northern Nevada area. Brandon has been cosplaying since 2019. He also specializes in challenging himself by staying in character and bringing his Cosplays to life. He is also the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization called "Cosplay For Kindness".

A local non-profit organization called "Cosplay For Kindness" they visit people in hospitals, birthdays, fundraisers and every other type of local events in the Northern Nevada area dressed as your favorite Superheroes and Princesses, bringing smiles and enjoyment to the children and families in the community.

DaRapNerd Index

Da Rap NerdDa Rap Nerd (formerly known as Darealwordsound) is a Snafu-Con regular but has been gone for the past few years since covid. Focusing more on his community, mental health, and music, Da Rap Nerd has been slowly making his way back to the stage while also finding ways to empower his community and other artists.

Recently Da Rap Nerd has dropped his latest album "Raw Cookie Dough" with his leading single "Snickerdoodle". This past summer he was on tour with The Philharmonik and toured across the west coast and hosted MagWest while performing with Living Tombstones, SSJ Live, KeiferGreen, Prowess the Testament, and Noa James. He has also started a movement in the Bay Area called "Bayokyo" where Anime meets Hip Hop and has been bringing more nerdcore hip hop and hip hop artists together to unite the fandom through Nerdcore Rap and Beat Cyphers.

Da Rap Nerd is proud to be coming back to Snafu-Con and plans on spending as much time with con-goers as possible. Make sure you catch his performances and panels this year. He looks forward to seeing you all there.

Lady Staba Index

Lady StabaLady Staba is a Reno, NV based cosplayer of over 10 years and has made over 100 costumes for herself and others. She has won numerous awards, including several Best in Shows and Best Craftsmanship at conventions across the West Coast.

She has participated in Online Cosplay Contests, in the Ultimate Online Cosplay Championship 2021 she was a needlework finalist. Lady Staba has had the honor of representing several companies in cosplay, such as PlayStation, Viz Media and HULU at conventions. Her favorite was for Guerrilla Games as the protagonist Aloy, from their video game Horizon Zero Dawn at PAX West.

Lady Staba has also had the great honor to serve as Craftsmanship Judge and a Guest at several conventions. Even when not guesting, Lady Staba loves to host panels at conventions to teach newer cosplayers how to make cosplays. Outside of cosplaying, Lady Staba plays video games and watches Anime and Movies with her husband and two kids.

Danny Miller Index

Danny MillerDanny Miller is an award-winning actor from Utah, whose career has spanned many years in audio books, video games, movies, and anime. His first exposure to anime came in the 80's, from the english dub of GoLion, aka Voltron.

College led him to like-minded souls, and helped to establish an anime club and convention in Utah. He currently works with Ascendent Animation on Incidental Vocals, Subtitling, QA and hardware planning. Some of the favorite shows he has worked on have been Next Best Bartender, Game World Reincarnation, and The Titan's Bride. Catch Danny at his panels all weekend!

In his spare time, Danny enjoys hiking and big smiles.

Shane Tay Index

Shane TayShane Tay is a multi-award winning actor from Utah, currently working in Quality Assurance at Ascendent Animation. While he got hooked on anime since being a toddler, he had resigned himself to staying a lifelong fan and studied the non-acting side of theatre. Being picked up by Ascendent Animation was a dream come true to him.

Shane never believed he would make it from fan to guest, but his underdog story is inspiring to all. His favorite shows and movies he has worked on have been, "Henkei Shoujo", "Even in Dreams", and "Ishida and Asakura." When he's not working, Shane enjoys building plastic models, laughing, and learning things he didn't know he didn't know.

Shane is excited to be guesting for the first time at SNAFU Con! Please be gentle!
Shane will be appearing all 3 days; doing panels and hanging out at the Ascendent Animation booth.

Bonnie Gordon Index

Bonnie GordonNo stranger to the world of geek pop culture, Bonnie is an actress, singer, and voiceover actor who prides herself on being a “professional nerd.”

Her VO credits include cartoons, video games and anime such as: Star Trek Prodigy on Nickelodeon/Paramount+ (Ship Computer & various other roles); Street Fighter V (Rainbow Mika); Fire Emblem Echoes/Three Houses (Silque); Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords; Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation (Bico); Battlestar Galactica Deadlock; MegaMan 11; Ikki Tousin (Soujin); Code Vein (Eva); and many more! She might also be recognized as an original paladin from the fantasy show on ABC called “The Quest!”

Bonnie can be found taking the helm as Ensign Lark Sage on the Geek & Sundry Star Trek TTRPG show, “Shield of Tomorrow!,” as well as rolling dice and starring/guesting on many other TTRPG shows on Twitch channels such as HyperRPG, Queutimes, DnDBeyond: (Callisto 6; Clear Skies; Barony of Olives; Disco Does DnD, etc.)

She has traveled all over the world singing and guesting at comic cons with her nerdy parody band The Library Bards – taking top 40 hits and transforming them into nerdy, geektastic tunes about sci-fi and fantasy fandoms! She has put together a solo musical act to promote her new solo album, Con Artist!
Follow her @BonnieBellG & @LibraryBards

Steve Nunez, a.k.a. Warky T. Chocobo Index

WarkyWarky Steve "Warky" Nunez is an award winning Jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment industry.

Hailing from New York, he started out narrating audio books for the blind and from there he branched out into all facets of media. He is widely known for his work on, "The Yaoi Xmas Carols", "Sonic The Hedgehog", "Ishida and Asakura", "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", "The Titan's Bride", "Ant-Man", "Yandere Simulator", "Aphmau", "Henkei Shoujo", "Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger Ix-2", "Camp Buddy", "Fire in His Fingertips", "Everything for Demon King Evelogia", and "Anima: Gates of Memories".

Warky looks forward to what the future has in store for him and hopes there will be singing and dancing along the way!

Jess Floam Index

Jess FloamJess go with the Floam, the voice of the anime-inspired audiobook “The Dorm Room Cat Girl.” Raised on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Jess Floam is an enthusiastic and passionate Ukrainian-American voice actor, musician, vocalist, music and gaming broadcaster, cosplayer, and adventurer.

When she's not making noise, Jess loves to explore the outdoors with her sidekick Tikka the Cat. They hike mountains, camp in rain forests, kayak brackish waters, and float along in the ocean.