SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

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Convention Policies

General Conduct Index

This is an all-ages family-event. Please keep your dress and behavior in line with this fact. If you are doing or wearing anything we deem to be inappropriate you will be issued a warning, and you may be asked to leave.

Obey all laws. If it's not legal for you to do it anywhere else, it's not legal here.

Please don't ignore any reasonable request by the staff.

Please don't block any doors. If you're in a line and the line goes past a door, please leave a space for the door.

Please wear appropriate clothing/cosplay. Anything offensive, obscene, disruptive or inappropriate is not allowed and staff may ask you to cover up or change.

Absolutely no smoking, vaping, or fire in the con space. No incense. It if puts out smoke - it's not allowed!

There are 18+ events at this convention. We will need to see a government-issued picture ID for you to attend any 18+ event. Attempting to get into an 18+ event without proper ID is grounds for expulsion from the convention.

Do not display or otherwise 'have out' any sexually explicit or adult artwork that you may have purchased in Artists Alley, the Vendor's Room, or brought to the convention.

Please don't engage in any disruptive behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, throwing things, surprise glomping, or anything that makes the con less enjoyable for anyone that is or isn't you.

Personal PAs/mobile speakers are allowed but please keep the volume to a reasonable level. We will ask you to turn it down or off if it is disruptive. Also, anything you play needs to be general audience!

Please don't impede the flow of traffic. If there's a flow, don't stand in the middle of it. This is most important in the dealers and artists areas.

Line jumping is grounds for removal from the park.

Please turn off all noise-makers (cell phones, etc.) while in the screening and panel rooms.

Please don't talk in the viewing rooms (unless it's during an event where talking is exclusively allowed).

No panhandling. No selling anything unless you are an authorized dealer or artist. If you want a table, please register for one before the convention!

Do not perform any action that can be reasonably expected to damage other people's property without their explicit permission.

PICK UP YOUR OWN TRASH! Do not leave empty food or drink containers by your chair. We provide trash cans, please use them. If the trash cans are full, please leave your trash as neatly as possible by the trash can and notify a staffer and we will notify the venue that we need trash service.

Dress Code Index

Dress code items have been moved into their own policy list.

Items moved:

Please see the Dress Code for more items.

Harassment is NOT TOLERATED Index

We strive to be a safe place for everyone but we need your help.

We do not tolerate the following and ask that you report them to rovers immediately:
  • Sexual images in public areas
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Inappropriate or uninvited physical contact
  • Unwelcomed sexual attention
  • Advocating or encouraging any of the above behavior
  • Anyone being made to feel unwelcome (especially by venue staff, or SNAFU Con staff or colunteers)

To help you feel safe, we are happy to escort you to your room or car at any time of day with no explanation needed. Just come to the rover's desk and ask, find someone with an orange tie, or give us a call using the number on your schedule or con book.

If we determine that you are breaking our harassment policy any of the following consequences are possible depending on severity of the infraction and at the discretion of the managers on duty and the chairs:
  • A verbal warning
  • A written warning
  • Badge pulled for the weekend
  • Permanent ban from the convention

No more than one written warning will be issued before your badge is pulled for the year. Recurring issues across multiple years will result in a permanent ban.

We may issue a temporary or permanent ban in the interest of the comfort and safety of our other attendees, with or without any advanced warning.

Hygiene Index

Bathe. Your fellow con-goers will like you for it. Please at least show up bathed and maybe wear deodorant/antiperspirant. If a staffer can smell you you will be asked to go to your hotel room and shower.

Special note: Although some individuals genuinely don't need deodorant, we've found that there are people who normally don't wear deodorant, but do have a smell which many people don't like. If you don't normally wear deodorant, please consider wearing it for the convention - even when you are freshly showered that smell will stick to you unless you use a very strong soap. It's awkward for us to tell you that you smell - please don't make us ('cuz we will).

Deodorant is not something you wear just for yourself; it's something you wear for other people.

Heckling Index

There is only one place that heckling is not only allowed, but encouraged. If you are IN the Hentai room, feel free to heckle the screen all you like. The funnier the comment the better!

If you're anywhere else, please keep your comments to yourself. Please don't heckle in the video rooms, it disturbs the people who came to actually watch the show. Please don't heckle the panelists (unless they specifically say you can). Please don't heckle anyone. It's not funny and falls under disruptive behavior.

Children Index

We recommend all children under 18 attend the convention with a chaperone. We require that all children under the age of 13 have a chaperone (18+) with them at all times. If an individual under the age of 13 is caught without their chaperone, they will be loaded with sugar and given a puppy before they're returned. Well, not really, but the young individual and the chaperone may be asked to leave depending on the circumstances.

Children under the age of 13 are required to carry chaperone contact information with them at all times during the convention. Important information to include is chaperone's name, a cell number, a home number, and your hotel room number. If a child is lost, we will make every attempt to contact their chaperone, but we will not interrupt panels, videos, etc.

Small children running around unsupervised IS grounds for removal. Supervision means you're within grabbing distance at all times. Sitting and chatting while your child harasses a con-goer 20 feet away will not be tolerated.

Older or particularly well-behaved individuals that still require a chaperone aren't required to be within grabbing distance, but we still recommend it.

Children who turn 13 during the convention will still need a chaperone present so long as they carry a child badge. If you wish your 13 year old to be unchaperoned during the convention, you or your child will need to purchase a convention badge for your child.

Fliers Index

We will provide a table for you to leave your fliers for your clubs(s)/events. Please do not post any fliers on any doors/walls of the convention area. Any we see will be immediately removed. Any fliers that are deemed inappropriate will be immediately removed from the table.

Photography Index

By attending SNAFU con, you are authorizing our staff members to take your picture in the convention area for promotional use. You have no claim or ownership over these pictures. If you prefer not to have your picture taken, please notify the person with the camera. We will try to respect everyone's wishes, but if your picture has already been taken we can not guarantee it won't be used.

Please ask cosplayers (or anyone) before taking their pictures. You will get much better pictures from them that way. If they decline, please don't insist. They may be tired, on their way for food, or on their way to buy that last copy of Ranma, or something.

Please don't take any pictures or videos in the screening rooms. Please respect the wishes of others if they do not want to be caught on your camera. Please respect any posted signs that tell you not to take photography in certain areas or times during the convention.

Do NOT take pictures of art at artist alley.

If you see someone taking a picture, PLEASE don't walk in front of the camera. Walk around behind the person with the camera, or simply wait. Random cosplay photos usually only take a few seconds. Walking in front of the camera so that the cosplayer and the photographer have to wait for you will make it take longer.

Dogs & Pets Index

Our current venue is no longer pet-friendly. Pets that are not legitimate service animals will not be allowed to enter the venue. The venue is still in full compliance of all ADA regulations and allow service animals throughout the property.

If you bring an animal to the convention and it acts in a disrupting manor, you will be asked to leave.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Weapons, Props, Selfie-Sticks Index

Our official weapons policy is "don't be stupid." If it's not legal for you to carry around on the street, it's not legal for you to carry it inside the con area. We expect that there will be people carrying around wooden swords. Don't use them. No live steel (any objects made of metal that is capable of taking an edge), no guns, and nothing that could easily be mistaken for a live blade or a gun. If we can't tell that a weapon is fake from several feet away, do not bring it. If you have any doubts then talk to a staff member.

We will be peace-bonding all weapons/props. Your weapon/prop must be peace-bonded before you can carry it around the convention floor. If an item is dangerous to carry around in a crowd due to size, weight, pointiness, etc, you will be asked to put it in your hotel room or car and not carry it around the con floor.

A whip or flogger counts as a weapon and must be peace-bonded.

Water guns, air soft guns, or any other projectiles are not allowed in the convention area. Note: water guns and air soft guns are acceptable provided they are completely inoperable. Removing the ammunition is not enough, but gluing or zip-tying down the trigger is. Anything that prevents the item from firing such as an orange cap on the end is acceptable providing that it is not easily removed, will not fall off, and is not removed during con.

AIR SOFT GUNS and/or realistic gun replicas, even inoperable ones, are no longer allowed, per venue policy. We are sorry we are not allowed to make any exceptions.

Bows and arrows are allowed as long as they have been rendered non-functional (we suggest removing the drawstring and replacing it with yarn, twine, or some other non-elastic material) and the string is not obviously taut. Arrows must be soft-tipped and incapable of being released. Any arrows launched in to the air, whether they are hand-thrown or launched from a bow, will result in immediate removal from the con and revocation of your badge.

Leave the flare guns at home.

Weapons purchased in the dealers room must remain boxed and immediately removed to your car, room or other private quarters and are not to be carried around the con unless you peace-bond them immediately.

Staff members may remind you to get your weapons/props peace-bonded, but repeated failure to do so immediately, removal of peace-bond, or carrying an unsafe prop is grounds for removal from the convention.

Swinging or throwing a prop/weapon immediately makes it and you unsafe and is also grounds for removal from the convention.

Practice proper gun safety and NEVER point your prop gun at people. Pointing a fake gun at anyone else is grounds for removal from the convention.

Selfie-sticks must be peace bonded.

Wheels, wheeled devices, and motorized devices Index

Nothing with in-use wheels, aside from mobility/accessibility tools such as walkers and wheelchairs, are allowed to be used at SNAFU Con. The list of prohibited items includes, but is not limited to: skates, skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, hoverboards, Heelies, stand-up scooters (motorized or not), and other wheeled items that could cause an accident or hurt someone. As usual, the staff reserves the right to use their own best judgement in any situation.

NOTE: Carrying small wheeled items as a prop is acceptable as long as it is not in use at any point. "Small" is currently defined as the size of a skateboard or smaller. Prop will need to be peace bonded.

While they do not have wheels, we want to remind everyone that ice skates are a violation of our "sharp/live steel prop items" policy and are also not allowed at con.

Alcohol Index

There is NO drinking inside this event. If you are over 21 you are welcome to visit the venue's casino and drink and gamble legally. Casinos tend to provide free drinks when you gamble. If you drink, don't drive! Please have a designated driver. The convention center staff will be happy to call you a cab if you need one.

The authorities will be called and the hotel/casino will be informed in the event of:
* A minor caught intoxicated or in the possession of alcohol
* Any Public Intoxication
* Any illegal alcohol or drug use, sales or possession

Don't do any of it. Your money will not be refunded and your badge will be confiscated (plus that whole jail thing isn't fun).

Sleeping Index

Although we strongly recommend you retire to your hotel room, sometimes you just have to sleep where you fall. Sleeping in the convention area is allowed at your own risk.

Attendees booking rooms is vital for the continuation and survival of the con so while we technically allow it, don't be surprised if you get disturbed by staff, recommending you go to bed.

We aren't watching sleeping people very closely, if you have items, they may be stolen.

Finally - if you do it, don't do it in the hallway. The ONLY place it is allowed is in the convention area. Venue hallways are off limits! (It makes venue security unhappy and you will get chased off.)

Casino Index

This convention is taking place inside a casino. Although the con area isn't on the same floor as the casino, please be aware that it is there. Individuals under 21 are not allowed in the casino area. If you are 21 or older, you are welcome to visit the casino and partake in some gambling at any point during your stay. Please don't make trouble for the casino staff or security. They are likely to put you in jail first and ask questions later. We aren't likely to get invited back if there's trouble, so please be on your best behavior.

Hotel Index

Please don't have any loud room parties at all hours of the night. The con floor is open all night long, so if you need to socialize with your friends, please do it with us! We will be having plenty of con-sanctioned loud disruptive behavior on the con floor, so there's no need to have it in your room!

If you are hosting a room party, please remember that the person who is renting the room is responsible for anything that happens at your party. This includes responsibility for any damage or clean-up costs and checking IDs if you're serving alcohol or watching 18+ anime. The hotel personnel can shut down your party if it is too disruptive to the other guests.

If anyone in our room block is caught being too noisy or disruptive late at night we may confiscate your badge. We aren't likely to get invited back if there's trouble, so please be on your best behavior.

Elevators Index

We understand. You like to press the shiny, delicious buttons on the box of wonders. DON'T. The only button on the elevator you need to press is the one that belongs to your floor. Don't make us wait for three hours by pressing a lot of buttons. Thank you.

Closed Areas and Designated Doors Index

Each room has one or more designated entrances and exits. You must use those routes when entering or leaving a room. Except in case of emergency, use of any other door or path is prohibited, whether or not the door is locked.

Panel, video, and event rooms not currently being used for official programming are closed to attendees. Attendees found in closed rooms may have their badges pulled at the discretion of the convention.

The venue's service hallways and other backstage areas are always off limits. Attendees found in these areas will have their badges pulled and will be removed from the convention area.

Mock Fighting Index

Please act responsibly!! We understand that some in-character mock fights will happen even if we tell you you can't. We are all here to have fun but we also recognize that things can get out of hand very quickly. Please keep it out of the vendors' room, out of the artists' area, out of the video rooms, out of the game area, out of the panel rooms, and out of any crowded areas. No place left to do it? Then don't! If we think you're causing a danger to anyone around you or yourself then you will be asked to stop and if it continues you may have your badge confiscated!

Policy Lawyering Index

Trying to get around any of these policies on some technicality will likely get your badge confiscated. Senior staff are gamers and we've long-since gotten annoyed at 'rules-lawyers.'
We understand if you didn't understand a policy, but we aren't going to tolerate 'but you said right there...'
Rocks fall, you all die. Story-teller wins.

Apologies to the non-gamers for that. Just don't be a smart-aleck about the rules if we missed something, okay? Rules are subject to change at any time which includes on the fly during the convention due to necessity. We don't have time to argue with you if you feel like arguing.

Staff/Volunteer Complaints & Appeals Index

Please, please, please tell us if there is a staffer being rude or acting inappropriately. Sometimes we don't know what we're doing, especially when stressed. Sometimes the department heads don't see a volunteer's action. We need to know. Please try to get a name (ask, or check out their badge).

If you think any staff, or rover is acting inappropriately or unfairly, (or you just want to complain) please report it to Rovers, or Registration (registration can find heads ridiculously fast). You may also email HR (those of you with your smart phones: hr[at] snafucon [dot] com) and expect a response within a reasonable amount of time.

Please understand that we are busy and may not be available right away but we do listen and act on every complaint.

Flying Drones Index

Flying a drone or quadcopter is awesome as long as it is done responsibly. If you would like to fly one at con, email [email protected] to get approval before the convention. As stated below, drones will need to be peace bonded at the convention.

Please remember that people and equipment are important things. Please do not fly your drone where it can harm a person or equipment. Especially no flying over people. Always keep a visual line of site on your drone (no first person views).

SNAFU Con is not responsible for any damage cause to your drone while at the convention. If you are in control of the drone, and your drone hits another attendee, you will have your badge revoked and you will be removed from the convention space. Additionally, even if you do not have a drone, trying to hit (with your hands, props, or another drone) a drone is not allowed. This will result in your badge being revoked and being removed from the convention space.

Remember to follow all laws regarding radio controlled aircraft (including, but not limited to FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 SEC 336). You will not be able to fly your drone outside because the convention is held within a 5 mile radius of the Reno-Tahoe airport (Nevada Law... sorry guys).

Please check Nevada and Federal laws before using your drone. Lots of changes are happening regarding laws and SNAFU Con will try to update their policies as information is received.

Floor-Bound Drones or RC Controlled Items Index

All RC items must be peace bonded.

RC items are to be kept away from other attendees and are only to be used in open non-populated areas.

Due to the tripping hazard, if your RC item is used near other attendees you will be disallowed from using it. Items are absolutely not allowed to bump into another attendee.

More... Index

Just because it's not here now doesn't mean it won't be soon. Please read over the policies again before the convention. Rules are subject to change at any time which includes on the fly during the convention due to necessity.

Also, just because it's not here now, or then, doesn't mean you can do it. Please use your head and act responsibly. Just because we don't single out an action it doesn't mean it's okay. If it's not legal outside the con, it's not legal inside the con. If it endangers anyone, including yourself, you aren't allowed to do it. If a staff member decides you can't do it, then you can't do it!

Also, if you feel any of these policies are unfair, please email [email protected] and appeal for change. We are willing to work with you, but only if you approach us the right way. (Breaking a rule and yelling at us that it's a stupid rule is not the right way.)