SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2021 con was October 29-31, 2021. The 2022 con has not been announced yet.
VACCINES REQUIRED FOR CON THIS YEAR. Read our full COVID-19 policy for 2021 here.


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No, not solar, or insulating, or the ones you put lots of buttons on in your evil lab, but informational and entertaining panels on the subjects of....well, everything really. We will answer such great questions as "What qualifies as old-school?" "Why do my villains fail?" and "How much for that Nabeshin necktie?" Most of our panels are provided by fan volunteers. If you are interested in running a panel, more information is available on our Panelist Info.

2021 Panels List

How to Kill an Hour 101 You asked; I listened. How to Kill an Hour is back, yet again, for more Cards Against Humanity and candy fun!

Cthulhu for President! Are you tired of candidates who promise change but don't deliver? Are you sick of candidates who only seem to be insane? Come to Cthulhu for President and learn about a real voice for change and insanity! Cthulhu for President!

Bad Hentai Bad Hentai returns! Most hentai is bad, but some is exceptionally terrible. Why not come spend some time watching some of the worst of the worst?

Happy Halloween MHA Truth or Dare Halloween Cosplays for MHA! Strong Language possibilities!

Genshin Impact Cosplay Panel Come join the people of Teyvat in a joyous time full of games and a Q&A!

The Morning Nerd Join the hosts of The Morning Nerd podcast for a discussion of some of their favorite anime characters.

Let's Talk World Building Do you want to build a world? Are you a writer or GM? Let's talk during this Main Stage discussion panel.

D&D – Our New World We just built a world, now lets play in it in this fully improvised D&D session on Main Stage. Audience members will be picked to be players. Non-player audience will be asked to throw in suggestions from time to time.

VTuber 101 This panel will teach you the ins and outs of being a VTuber online. Learn helpful tools to get started with your own VTuber career!

Variety Streaming: Is It Good? Come learn the pros and cons of being a variety streamer on Twitch.

Anime JEOPARDY! Think you know everything about anime? Do you probably know a little TOO much? Flex your knowledge here, and maybe win some awesome prizes!

This or That – Game Show Two audience teams will compete on Main Stage to win a prize. They will be given a scenario with two or more options. They will have to pick one option and defend it against their opponents in this comedy style game show. Best arguments and most comedic responses will earn point toward the prize.

Magic Leap Leap into the future! Come try a Magic Leap augmented reality headset. It’s not VR, it’s something new, a headset that casts a magic spell on the real world!

DMing 101 Ever wanted to learn how to DM? Then this is the panel for you! SNAFU's local games guru Dragon Paragon teams up with Waohyau to bring you the best tips on running your own game! We'll cover the basics of organizing and delivering an enjoyable tabletop experience, then host a short question and answer segment at the end.

PanelQuest Join a one-of-a-kind adventure where the audience decides the hero's every action! Kick mice, hoard teeth, and steal hammers on your way to slaying the Dragon... all the while either taking the path laid before you or going wildly off the rails!

DMing 201: Dungeon Design We've learned the basics, now let's take it a step further. This panel covers all the important topics when it comes to building and executing a dungeon, from pacing to difficulty to theme. Run by our resident tabletop guru, Dragon Paragon, this panel is sure to give you what you need to blow your players away with your next dungeon delve!

Drawing 101 Want to draw but don't know where to start? Let me show you how every professional begins a good, solid and entertaining drawing! We'll cover things like gestures, proportions, readability - even hands and feet! Join me and let's do some drawing!

Kinda Sketchy Artists Have you ever seen an artist draw using makeup? How about with a sword? Join our panel of artists (and maybe draw along) as they undertake random art challenges for your viewing pleasure!

Character and World Building So, you've got an idea for a story but really want to make sure the characters and the world they live in are both living and breathing believable? We'll go over different ways to think about how the characters and the world around them help to make your story great!

Fairview High Join Aaron Romo, creator of the highly popular web comic as he talks about its origins, its characters, its deep and winding storyline and more! He'll even cover points and ideas of how to package your idea as a pitch, as he is currently pitching this series to multiple networks!

Fix Me! Soon to be a YouTube series, Aaron Romo will go over a few hand-picked works by other artists who have asked for help and show you what would make these drawings really sing! It's helpful information you can all take and use on your own creations – practical hands-on advice that really makes a difference.

Behind the Voices with Danielle McRae Talk with Danielle McRae about her characters in some of your favorite anime and video games in an open discussion.

Video Game Geek Talk with Danielle McRae Join Danielle in a discussion on the state of the video game industry, as well as discuss your favorite/least favorite video game moments.

Video Game Voice Acting with Danielle McRae Meet Danielle McRae as she shares the process on what it's like to record for video games.

The Bombers Secret Society of Justice Hide-n-Seek Hey! Listen! So you wanna join The Bombers Secret Society of Justice, huh? Well first you gotta earn it. See if you can find all 5 Bomber Kids in a game of hide-n-seek. If you find us and tell Young Link the passcode, you're in. And I heard Young Link has a Giant Wallet with a reward in store. The Bombers Secret Society of Justice forever! (No Scrubs Allowed)

Ascendent Animation Ascendent Animation came into the scene in 2020 as a new studio dubbing anime completely remotely, using actors from all over the world. Their first project was Ishida and Asakura, their second was The Titan’s Bride. Their third?! You’ll just have to wait and see! Come chat with Cole Feuchter and Warky about the company and their mission! Who doesn’t want MORE anime?

Yapping about Yaoi! With Cole and Warky Join Cole Feuchter and Warky, voice actors from some of your favorite Yaoi/BL visual novels, (Camp Buddy, Full Service, Mister Versatile and more!) and the Vice President and Sound Engineer of Ascendent Animation, as they discuss the importance of telling LGBT stories in anime, their work in the Yaoi/BL genre and even some of their personal favorites! And bring those burning questions you’re dying to ask as well!

A New Voice Actor Has Appeared! Come meet voice actor Cole Feuchter! Ask him your burning questions as you get to know him, who he is, and what all he’s lent his voice to. It’s not every day you get full access to the mind of a voice actor! And who knows, he may end up your new favorite! That’s right! Its AMA time people!

So you want to be a content creator? If you’ve ever wanted to know how to create content from YouTube videos to streaming content to promotional material, this panel is for you. Join GameStop TV content creator Cole Feuchter in this informative look at his process of content creation.

Let’s Talk Japan! Do you know your Japanese facts and history? How about certain trends and pop culture moments? Test your knowledge in this fun hour long panel hosted by Cole Feuchter. Win quizzes to get prizes! So let’s talk Japan!

John Gremillion Q&A Panel John Gremillion is a stage, film and voice actor who has been working in anime for over 20 years, providing voices for dozens of popular anime titles for Sentai Filmworks, FUNimation, Okratron 5000, and more. John’s most popular roles include Gentle Criminal in My Hero Academia, Dracule Mihawk in One Piece, Roland Chapelle in Food Wars, Arthur Randall in Black Butler, and D in Sentai’s recent re-release of Vampire Hunter D (Nomination - Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Feature Film, 2015). Other roles include Nakeshi Hirokawa in Parasyte: The Maxim, General Liver in Akame Ga Kill!, as well as roles in Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Black Clover, Fire Force, Log Horizon and many others. Come chat with John about voice acting, stage acting, your favorite roles, embarrassing stories from the booth, whatever you like!

Video Editing Basics John Gremillion has been a professional video editor for over 20 years. In this panel, John breaks down some basics of video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. We’ll talk about the most efficient ways to edit from scratch, cool tips and tricks, and how to save time and avoid common mistakes. Ask questions and share you insights!

Level Up Your Sewing! At this panel, you’ll learn tips and tricks to level up your cosplay sewing. Learn how to read patterns, manipulate fabrics, and understand your machine. All skill levels welcome!

FABRICS, FABRICS, FABRICS! From cotton to silk, learn what fabrics work best with your cosplay! Great for beginners to advanced sewers, Lady Staba will teach sewing tips and resources for all types of fabrics and answer all your questions!

Tales of the 6ft Blonde Geisha Join our guest, Lisle Wilkerson, as she talks about growing up in Japan and the various cultural differences between Japan and the US.

Destination: Tokyo! This is the perfect panel for people who are planning or wanting to plan a trip to Japan. Tokyo was the host of the most recent Olympics, so there have been all kinds of changes in the past couple years – and many of the changes have made it cheaper AND easier to visit Japan.

Play Tekken Against Nina Lisle Wilkerson voices Nina and wants to challenge you to defeat her. She is a terrible button masher so it’s all about talking smack as Nina.

Tales of Con Horror Come hear the terrifying (and sometimes, hilarious) stories of conventions past that will haunt your mind forever!

Wark After Dark! Come see Warky Unplucked in this meet and greet, question and answer panel where anything and everything goes! ^_^

Anime and Beats Do you like anime? Do you like Beats? Well come learn how to flip anime songs into dope beats and even record a song together on the spot. Come and enjoy this fun interactive panel and create amazing music.

Art and Trauma: Finding Your True Inspiration Learn how to find inspiration even during hard times and how art can be therapeutic in helping dealing with Trauma.

It Gets Better You’re Not Alone. You have probably heard of the “It Gets Better” movement…first started in 2010, it was created in response to the alarming rate of suicides of teenagers in the LGBTQ+ community. This panel is inspired by that concept…This panel is all about sharing stories and uplifting & supporting each other’s individual journeys. Every voice deserves to be heard & acknowledged.

Hentai Redub Live! Join the bravest of our voice actor guests as they live-dub a hentai they’ve never seen before!

That's Gay! An Intro to Yuri Have you heard of "yuri" but don't know what it is? Maybe you're already a huge fan... so come join an ""expert"" on the topic, let's chat about cute anime girls that kiss!

Make That Anime A completely ridiculous anime-improv gameshow. We give you a computer-generated anime title, three tropes, and two minutes. You tell us the story of that anime. Epic shenanigans ensue. Prizes are won.

Midnight Madness Stay up late! Watch videos! Hear the voices!

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.