SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. Friday, November 16th through Sunday, November 18th, 2018 in The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, 2500 E. Second Street, Reno, NV 89595


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No, not solar, or insulating, or the ones you put lots of buttons on in your evil lab, but informational and entertaining panels on the subjects of....well, everything really. We will answer such great questions as "What qualifies as old-school?" "Why do my villains fail?" and "How much for that Nabeshin necktie?" Most of our panels are provided by fan volunteers. If you are interested in running a panel, more information is available on our Panelist Info.

2018 Panels List

Sailor Moon: Saviors of the Universe Come and meet and the pretty guardians who fight for love and justice! Chill with Sailor Moon and her gang, ask questions and just hang out!

Cosplay Sword Making 101 Creating your very own cosplay sword doesn’t need expensive equipment or difficult techniques. Master level cosplayers and directors of Kraken Con Stephen & Lindsey will share with you their approach on forging your own cosplay prop swords out of lightweight, readily available materials - all without costing a fortune or burning down the house!

A Guide to Collecting Anime Cels We all love anime but did you know that you could own a piece of history from your favorite show? Hand-painted cels and other drawings from the animation process make for the perfect one-of-a-kind collectible. Come and learn from anime cel collectors Lindsey & Stephen about what cels are, where to buy them, how to store them, and about other animation art you can collect like genga and rilezu.

K-Pop Dance Annyeonghaseyo! In this panel, you will learn the simple steps to trendy K-Pop songs. Fighting!

So You Wanna Be A Streamer Streaming is never easy and some people don't know where to begin. Come learn all you need to know to take your first steps into the world of streaming!

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.