SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

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No, not solar, or insulating, or the ones you put lots of buttons on in your evil lab, but informational and entertaining panels on the subjects of....well, everything really. We will answer such great questions as "What qualifies as old-school?" "Why do my villains fail?" and "How much for that Nabeshin necktie?" Most of our panels are provided by fan volunteers. If you are interested in running a panel, more information is available on our Panelist Info.

2023 Panels List

Collecting Vintage Photos 101 Collecting vintage photos is a rare hobby that seems to be lost forever, but I want to keep this hobby alive and well. We'll dive into the hobby and how to collect through history.

Hentai Redub Live! Join the bravest of our voice actor guests as they live-dub a hentai they’ve never seen before!

Read 'em and Weep - Tarotorial and Spread Craft Tarot reading for beginner to intermediate readers, as well as an introduction to customer card spread crafting and reading on the fly! Bring your deck for some hands on learning, or just bring yourself and any questions you may have!

Saving Money with Low Budget Cosplays From the Dollar Tree to McDonalds, props and pieces can be found in unlikely places.

Anime Trivia Battle! Think you know everything about anime? Compete against everyone in the room for first place! Let everyone know YOU are the biggest anime nerd in town.

Demon Slayer Jeopardy Do you love cliché game shows? Do you enjoy Demon Slayer a little too much? Join a team with your favorite Hashira (or possibly demon) in a fun-filled game of Demon Slayer Jeopardy! Recall some of the best moments in Demon Slayer history with your teammates! Take a chance, and you may even win the grand prize!

Vtubing 101 Learn the difference between different types of vtuber models alongside the programs they use. Find the best fit for you to start your vtubing adventure!

Fifth Gen Isn't Pokémon A critique of the creatures introduced in the fifth generation of “Pokémon”. We will go over the mechanics, aesthetics, and lure to prove once and for all that the fifth generation of “Pokémon” does not deserve to stand beside the greats of Pokémon past like Mr. Mime, Voltorb, and Muk.

Ash Can't Catchem Ash Ketchum has been a Pokémon trainer for longer than most of you have been alive, but for some reason he has the same game sense as I did when I didn’t understand what the save button does. Together we’ll try to figure out how many battles he won only due to OSHA required indoor sprinkler systems and try to quantify exactly how much money Jessie and James have spent trying to capture something that has a 25% encounter rate at the Power Plant.

Pokemon LIVE: Death of the Musical In 2000 CE someone thought that it would be a good idea to make a Pokemon stage musical and raised millions of dollars off of the idea. It happened. We're still not sure why, but we will be here to make fun of it.

Sonic: An Unfortunate History Sonic the Hedgehog is a staple holding together the childhood of any proper 90s kid, but just like Soap shoes he’s tragically out of fashion. We’ll be going over the history of Sonic The Hedgehog games, Sega Consoles, and, reluctantly, the fandom around them both as we figure out what happened to a once promising video game mascot.

Make Anime Great Again Anime has been floundering recently. With a proliferation of fandom culture, a decline in dubbing, and the fact that the last good anime released nearly a decade and a half ago. Join us as we take you for a walk down memory lane, when anime was truly great.

Vtubing 102 Come learn about the influence Japanese idol culture has had on the western vtubing sphere!

Content Creation 101 Learn about the wide variety of bonus programs you can use to bring your live streams to the next level.

Power Tools in Cosplay Crafting Power tools don’t have to be scary! They can be powerful instruments to save you time in ways you never imagined when crafting your cosplay. Maybe Magic Cosplay is here to show you how to add power to your crafting by sharing tips on what tools might help you in your cosplay, how to use those tools, how to save money buying them, and—most importantly—how to operate them safely.

Setting up a small Cosplay Workspace Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage or other large space to use for crafting. Don’t let a lack of dedicated space hold you back from making that cosplay prop of your dreams! Maybe Magic Cosplay is here to share with you tips and tricks on how to get to crafting with whatever space you have available to you. Whether you're a newly aspiring cosplayer or a seasoned maker looking to optimize your small workspace, this panel is packed with creative solutions.

Ascendant Animation Industry Panel Ever wondered what it's like to dub an anime? Come join some of the staff at Ascendant Animation for a panel with behind the scenes perspectives in the dubbing industry.

It Gets Better LGBTQ-centric affirmations, coping, and topical conversations.

Wark After Dark! Come see Warky Unplucked in this meet and greet, question and answer panel where anything and everything goes! ^^

So, you have ADHD. Now, what? An ADHD diagnosis is not easy. Come hang out with other neurodivergents as we discuss the frustrating, confusing, and even funny parts of having ADHD.

How To Walk Your Cat and other cool tricks to teach your feline friend! Jess Floam, human of Tikka the Cat, will share tips on how you can include your own furry companion on adventures outside. Jess has worked for veterinary hospitals for 5+ years and gone on adventures with Tikka for the past 6 years climbing meowntains, frolicking mewdows, and kayaking seas.

Podcasting & Actual-Plays Learn about the basics of Podcasting, how to start one, equipment needed, the intricacies of actual-play podcasts, and more!

Kinda Sketchy Artists Have you ever seen an artist draw using makeup? How about with a sword? Join Nuriko and Uni (With some challenges that the audience can join in on!) as they undertake random art challenges for your viewing pleasure!

Cosplay Masquerade Skit Creation Whether you're a seasoned contestant or just starting your masquerade journey, this panel is your gateway to discovering the secrets behind crafting extraordinary performances. Join Maybe Magic Cosplay as we go over types of masquerade performances, delve into the art of skit creation including writing a script and recording audio, provide tips on staging, and much more. After this panel, you’ll be sure to walk away with a great skit idea for your next masquerade!

Make a Kumihimo (Japanese Braided Cord) Want to try your hand at making a traditional Japanese braided cord? Come to this workshop! All materials will be provided. Make a gift for a family member, friend, or yourself. As seen on the Netflix series My Happy Marriage!

Auditioning for a Gig - Do's and Don'ts Thinking about auditioning for a role? Come get hands-on feedback from the people casting roles, and learn what works and what doesn't.

Auditioning for Adult Gigs - Do's and Don'ts Thinking about auditioning for an adult or 18+ role? Come get hands-on feedback from the people casting roles, and learn what works and what doesn't.

Voiceover 101 Join voice acting experts Bonnie Gordon, Warky T. Chocobo, Danny Miller, and Shane Tay as they give you a behind-the scenes look at what happens IN THE BOOTH when bringing your favorite animated & video game characters to life! Learn tips of the trade and have fun with these amazing professionals! Q&A to follow!

A Beginner Guide to Cosplay Have you ever needed guidance on getting started in cosplay? What shops to buy from? Where to learn make up styles? Have you ever needed a cosplay mom? Your in luck! Lee has been a cosplayer for 10 years, and she’s ready to share her secrets and tips on some of the best ways to get started. So sit back, relax, and let your inner most questions be answered here.

Behind the Curtain of Anime Conventions Ever wonder what goes on behind the curtain at your favorite Anime Con? Thinking of maybe starting your own one day? The directors from Kraken Con and Hydra Comic Con are here to share with you the lowdown on what it really takes to run a convention. You’ll learn to appreciate all the hard work that goes into unseen parts of conventions and the realities that all con runners deal with every event. Learn about budgets, programming, security, venue contracts, advertising, and more.

SNAFU Talks: Folklore in Animation A round table discussion moderated by Stephen Daugherty. Come and share your ideas with your peers on folklore in animation. We'll discuss its use in world building, character designs, and more!

SNAFU Talks: Ancient Mythology in Animation A round table discussion moderated by Stephen Daugherty. Come and share your ideas with your peers on ancient mythology in animation. We'll discuss its use in world building, storytelling, character inspiration, and more!

SNAFU Talks: Pantheons in Animation A round table discussion moderated by Stephen Daugherty. Come and share your ideas with your peers on pantheons in animation. We'll discuss them as sources for character inspiration, storytelling, world building, and more!

Lip Sync Contest Show off your stage performance skill in this not so serious Lip Sync Contest. Only 1st place gets a price and the judges are the audience.

Improv 101 Fully Unscripted presents everything you need to know to get started in improvisational acting. These skills work for long-form, short-form, scripted acting, and even regular life. Think you're not funny? No problem! Ask questions, play games, and have fun.

Improv 101 - Workshop Fully Unscripted wants to get you improvising. If you've ever wanted to try out improv or if you just want to have some fun, join our experienced improv actors in a full run down of basic warm ups to full on stage games.

Improv 201 - Workshop Want to try out Improv on the stage? Now's your chance. Play some games, get some coaching, and have some fun.

Bad Hentai Spend some time watching clips of some Bad Hentai. There are worse things to do with your time, but not many.

Introduction to Sumo Come learn about Sumo, Japan's unique grappling sport. The basics of the sports, how to watch and other details will be shared.

DMing 201: Dungeon Design We've learned the basics, now let's take it a step further. This panel covers all the important topics when it comes to building and executing a dungeon, from pacing to difficulty to theme. Run by our resident tabletop guru, Dragon Paragon, this panel is sure to give you what you need to blow your players away with your next dungeon delve!

PanelQuest Join a one-of-a-kind comedy adventure where the audience decides the hero's every action! Kick mice, hoard teeth and steal hammers on your way to slaying the Dragon...all the while either taking the path laid before you or going wildly off the rails!

DMing 101 Ever wanted to learn how to DM? Then this is the panel for you! SNAFU's local games guru Dragon Paragon brings you the best tips on running your own game! We'll cover the basics of organizing and delivering an enjoyable tabletop experience, then host a short question and answer segment.

Are You Smarter Than A V-Tuber? Our V-Tuber guest Fae is hosting a game of Trivia Murder Party 2 (Jackbox 6).

The Economics of C - Control A discussion about the schools of thought in the 2011 show C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control and how an author's opinion can infect their work.

Exploring Safe and Consensual Dynamics Join us for an open Q&A session, hosted by two seasoned practitioners with extensive experience in the lifestyle. Whether you're curious about or actively involved in BDSM, join us for an informative and respectful discussion on understanding consent, trust, boundaries and effective communication.

Polyamory & Ethical Nonmonogamy 101 Curious about polyamory and ethical nonmonogamy? Join us for a relaxed and open discussion hosted by our polycule. We'll share our personal experiences, insights, and some handy handouts to help guide the conversation. Whether you're new to the idea or just want to chat, come and learn with us in this welcoming environment. All questions and curiosities are welcome!

K-pop Q&A Come get to know the Luminescent Dance Team, and learn about K-pop! The Luminescent Dance Team will be there to talk about the history of K-pop and the background of their dance team. Come hang out and talk about K-pop!

Da Rap Nerd's Bizarre Adventure Come see what Da Rap Nerd has been up to! Da Rap Nerd will talk about what he has been doing since Lockdown! You don't want to miss it!

Making Beats with Da Rap Nerd Learn how Da Rap Nerd makes his own music and participate in making some songs together.

Art and Trauma Are you an artist who has anxiety about releasing your art? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Da Rap Nerd understands all this and has been continually working on himself to learn how to deal with these emotions. Come and learn how Art & Trauma can be healing.

Level Up Your Cosplay! Zippers, hems, and closures! Learn a variety of professional methods to give your cosplay that extra special finished look. For Beginners to Advanced, Lady Staba will help you make your future cosplay stand out!

Cosplay Patterning At this Panel you'll learn how to read and understand commercial sewing patterns, from Simplicity to Vogue. Tips and tricks from which brand of pattern to purchase to altering commercial patterns. If you have ever been lost looking at sewing patterns, this is the panel for you!

Brandon Boykins Q&A Come meet Brandon Boykins of Boykins_cosplay. Find out how he got into cosplay, what he loves about cosplay and any other questions you might have!

Cosplay for Kindness Q&A Get to know the members of Cosplay For Kindness, a local non-profit organization that uses Cosplay to spread good in the world. Learn their story as well as how to be a part of this great cause!

Vtuber Live

Hentai: Insert Panel Experience the hilarity as our panelists heckle and dissect a hentai for your viewing pleasure.

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.