SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2017 con was October 6th - 8th. The 2018 con has not been announced yet.


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No, not solar, or insulating, or the ones you put lots of buttons on in your evil lab, but informational and entertaining panels on the subjects of....well, everything really. We will answer such great questions as "What qualifies as old-school?" "Why do my villains fail?" and "How much for that Nabeshin necktie?"

2017 Panels List

Voltron Trivia Team up with the know-it-all paladin Pidge for Voltron-related trivia. See if you know what it takes to be a paladin of Voltron!

K-Pop Dance Annyeonghaseyo! In this panel, you will learn the simple steps to the choreography of popular Korean Pop songs.

Hetalia World Meeting An ask/roleplay panel for the anime/manga Axis Powers Hetalia

Welcome to the Host Club A simple Q&A panel for the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club.

Cosplay Patterns 101 Learn how to read and understand sewing patterns, from Simplicity to Vogue with tips and tricks from which brand of pattern to purchase to which brands have strange sizing quirks. If you have ever been lost looking at sewing patterns, this is the panel for you!

Making Armor for Cheap At this panel you’ll learn the basics and tips for creating your very own amazing suits of armor without having to spend buckets of money. Lady Staba will go in depth over the basic tools, supplies, and foam techniques. Price comparisons and supply quality, everything you could possibly want to know about foamsmithing you’ll learn at this panel!

Fabrics 101 Learn the difference between fabrics and which ones work best with your cosplay! Great for beginner and intermediate sewers, Lady Staba and DaydreamerNessa will teach sewing tips for different fabrics and answer all your questions!

How to Pick Your First Cosplay This will be a short panel on the process I use to pick a cosplay and how you can use it to make your first cosplay decision easier on you.

Improv 101 Fully Unscripted presents everything you need to know to get started in improvisational acting. These skills will work for long-form, short-form, scripted acting, and even regular life. Think you're not funny? No problem! Ask questions, play games, and have fun.

Improv Workshop Fully Unscripted wants to get you improvising. If you've ever wanted to try out improv or if you just want to have some fun, join our experienced improv actors in a full run down of basic warm ups to full on stage games.

CreepyPasta For all the CreepyPasta fans out there who either have some questions about the fandom or characters, coming because your friend/friends told you it would be cool or just coming to see what its all about. Welcome!

Cthulhu for President! Are you tired of candidates who promise change but don't deliver? Are you sick of candidates who only seem to be insane? Come to Cthulhu for President and learn about a real voice for change and insanity! Cthulhu for President!

The Warlord Sport of Amtgard Amtgard is a little known but widely played live action role-play sport that is fun for all ages. We talk about the rules of play, set up a safe demonstration, and tell stories of battles. Attend to start leveling up!

Fifth Gen Isn't Pokémon A critique of the creatures introduced in the fifth generation of “Pokémon”. We will go over the mechanics, aesthetics, and lure to prove once and for all that the fifth generation of “Pokémon” does not deserve to stand beside the greats of Pokémon past like Mr. Mime, Voltorb, and Muk.

Settling For Catan Monopoly is for families who hate each other. Risk is for people with a dice fetish. Cards Against Humanity is for people who aren't clever. Catan is for people who don't know what a good board game is. Join us as we walk you through fantastic board games and where to find them.

Cultural Imagery of Gotham City and Metropolis How do Gotham City and Metropolis represent deeper cultural themes? See how they each represent the social issues of urban environments and how both cities hold cross cultural significance with respect to contemporary urban cultural history. This exploration of the contrast of urban visions of darkness and utopic urban life will highlight how both franchises maintain the comic medium's status as a form of contemporary mythos.

Geek to Geek Always fun and never dull! It is truly an anything can happen discussion! Come talk about issues that interest you in comics, fantasy, gaming, science fiction, cosplay, and fandom! What is the status of the female fan? Why cosplay? What do you think about the new Star Trek or Star Wars? The new Justice League? Do you use fandom in your daily life? Is your career driven by your fan interests? Do you use it in a community or educational setting? This is a moderated discussion, but highly participatory and audience driven!

Welcome Home Maid Cafe Welcome home, mere mortals! Are you prepared for the unabridged and inescapable MAID TAKEOVER!? Well, punk, you'd BETTER be, because we’ve got a game of “Notice Me, Goshujin-sama!” to really highlight our maids' and butlers' more romantic points, dances that are sure to charm even the most frumpy curmudgeon, PRIZES of earthly and mortal desire, and an interactive game mode where YOU, the lowly audience member, get to participate! See you soon~

Erotic Twinkie Eating Contest Think you got the best Twinkie, ehem, "devouring" skills? Then show off in this very 18+ panel. Every competitor will have the chance to eat at least one Twinkie. Publicly.

Hentai Redub Live! Join the bravest of our voice actor guests as they live-dub a hentai they’ve never seen before!

Hentai: Insert Panel Experience the hilarity as our panelists heckle and dissect a hentai for your viewing pleasure.

Make That Anime Ever wanted to make your own show? Show off your creative prowess in front of our panel of judges. Keep in mind you'll be given random tropes with which to build your show.

Make That Hentai Have you ever wanted to direct a hentai? Pitch a hentai plot based on random tropes in this fast-paced improv game show!

DMing 101 Learn the basics of running a roleplaying game from a die-hard veteran. He's run over a dozen separate systems and dealt with more munchkins than you can shake a dicebox at, so come learn the tricks without having to take the hard knocks and try to stump them with your hardest questions or theoretical scenarios!

DMing 201: Dungeon Design We've learned the basics, now let's take it a step further. This panel covers all the important topics when it comes to building and executing a dungeon, from pacing to difficulty to theme. Run by our resident tabletop guru, Dragon Paragon, this panel is sure to give you what you need to blow your players away with your next dungeon delve!

PanelQuest Join a one-of-a-kind adventure where the audience decides the hero's every action! Kick mice, hoard teeth and steal hammers on your way to slaying the Dragon...all the while either taking the path laid before you or going wildly off the rails!

Counter-Factual Histories What if Longstreet had taken Little Round Top when Lee told him to? What if Tiberius Grachus had gone to the Senate before proposing his land bill? What if Marshall Grouchy had not lost track of the Prussians? What if Constantine had not won at Milvian Bridge? If you don't get these references, don't worry about it, we’ll go over them. We will cover what makes good counter-factual history scenarios.

Kiba Walker Q&A Ask Kiba anything! From voice over to music to theatre and more, Kiba is here to answer your questions.

Camp Buddy Join Kiba (and possibly some other cast members) as he goes through Mikkoukun's latest project, Camp Buddy. Yaoi and laughter at its finest. 18+ guaranteed!

Otaku Talk with Kiba Hey, he likes to nerd out too. Join Kiba in talking about his favorite fandoms and geek out over OTPs and more. This panel is for the otakuest of otakus.

The World of Aphmau Join Kiba Walker and Christopher Escalante as they talk about the fandom and universe that is Aphmau (Minecraft Diaries, MyStreet, and more!) Q&A involved as well as possible autograph session near the end.

Queating Better Worlds A world/story building discussion group. Have a Idea for a story, plot, or character motivations but can't quite nail it down? Here is the place!

3rd Annual Open Mic Night It's back again: show off your skills at SNAFU Con open mic. Perform a 5 minute set of comedy, acting, rapping, singing, or poetry. Come share your creative performance with us.

Making Anime Beats Darealwordsound is bringing his Ableton push and showing you how he makes beats using anime and video game soundtracks for fun.

Rapping Against Humanity Do you like cards against humanity? (YEAH) Do you like Hip Hop like Hamilton (YEAH) well come join Darealwordsound where he Raps Against Humanity. Take part in this amazing freestyle crowd engaging event. Prepare to laugh till your sides hurt.

A Look at the Video Game Localization Process A general overview of what happens when a publisher decides to release a Japanese-developed game in the West, from initial concept, on through translation and voice recording, to end-stage localization development, and all the little issues that crop up along the way.

Japanese Translation: From Amateur to Professional How much Japanese do you have to know before you can start translating it? What does it take to make the jump from fan translation to professional work? What are some common translation pitfalls, and what are some good tips for getting the most out of a tough thing to translate? Come here to find out!

How to Love (and Learn) the Japanese Language Japanese can be an intimidating language, an alluring language, and—let's face it—a confusing language. Whether you're actively trying to achieve spoken and written fluency or simply want to better understand and appreciate the source material we're fans of, you can learn some handy tips to make things a lot less mystifying regardless of your skill level.

Mining the Public Domain for Fun and Profit When Walt Disney decided to make his first movie, he looked to the public domain to find a story he wouldn’t have to buy the rights for: Snow White. Next came Cinderella and even now that Disney has grown into a massive empire, they’re still doing it. The lesson for breaking into the industry is this: you can make your name and your first big publishing score by re-imagining a character or story that is already loved by thousands. We’ll discuss the benefits and the risks, the pitfalls and the first steps for re-crafting stories so old and beloved that they already belong to all of us. G.S. Denning is the author of the Warlock Holmes series, a Sherlock sci-fi dark comedy mashup, available anywhere books are sold.

Objective-Based Narrative So you’ve got your cool hero, your awesome world and your unique what-if scenario. What are you missing? You’ll be needing a plot, pal, and here’s how to get one: objective-based narrative. We’ll be covering the simple steps of determining what your characters want and making sure their every line and every action is a pursuit of that desire. Plots get easy. Villains get well-rounded. Trust me, this little secret can open your writing right up.

Behind the Voices Talk with Danielle McRae about her characters in some of your favorite anime and video games in an open discussion.

Video Game Geek Talk Join Danielle for a discussion on the state of the video game industry, plus your least or most favorite video game moments.

Video Game Voice Acting Meet Danielle McRae as she shares the process on what it's like to record for video games.

What’s So Hard About Writing Women? From Buffy to Ophelia to Wonder Woman, a discussion of the depiction of women in modern fiction exploring the male perspective on the challenge.

Let’s Build a Story Together! While we figure out what makes a good story, we create a tale of our own. A discussion forum where the panel and audience decide on elements and build a story together.

Wark After Dark! Come see Warky Unplucked in this meet and greet, question and answer panel where anything and everything goes!

Tales From the VO Booth Dorothy Fahn tells you all about the voice acting business. Includes a Q&A

Dos & Don'ts for Aspiring VAs Are you looking to break into the voice acting business? Learn all you need to know from Dorothy Fahn.

Anthropology of Science Fiction This interactive discussion examines cultural themes in science fiction as well as the historical and cultural contexts of select science fiction works. In addition, science fiction in literary, film, and serial form is explored as progressive, participatory, contemporary myth.

Women in Science Fiction The cultural and genre contributions of women working in science fiction are explored through both literary and media science fiction works selected for discussion. Participation is encouraged as we explore how women have contributed to the genre of science fiction and more, and how such contributions have impacted culture over time.

Wonder Woman and Female Fandom From the impact of female superheroes to fandom merchandise for the female fans, to lunch box and United Nations controversies, this interactive discussion explores the importance of strong female characters in comics and a need for greater merchandising for female fans. It also encourages discussion on controversial topics surrounding superhero role models in mainstream culture and what needs to be done to better educate in this realm, particularly as it relates to the education in the sciences, and the overall roles of women in mainstream culture. Explore the true significance of Wonder Woman and how she has been a part of comic and cultural evolution throughout time.

Anthropology of X-Men The X-Men comics are an excellent example of comics as a platform for social communication. They explore ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, xenophobia, diversity, individualism, religion, and the concept of subculture through their depiction of the struggle of marginalized groups to integrate into society. Join Daryl Frazetti for an exploration of the X-Men series as a contemporary mythos that both mirrors and guides continuing cultural evolution.

The Art of Costuming: Bringing a Character to Life Join cosplay guest Daydreamer Nessa for an exporation of the critical early stages of creating costumes from scratch! It all starts with analyzing a character and their world and how they would exist in ours. She will be breaking down the process from analyzing the character and world to pattern sourcing, fabric selections, and researching historical and fashion inspiration! She’ll also have a few select handmade costume pieces of her own on hand so you can get an up-close look at the vast potential costume recreation can have! Nessa will hold an open Q&A at the end of the panel to help answer any questions you have with your current or future projects!

Cosplay Knowledge I Wish I Had Early On! We all have to start somewhere with costuming, right? Usually it’s a rough start, but your budding love for the art of sewing, crafting, and creating exceeds any hesitation! Join cosplay guest DaydreamerNessa for a discussion of the things she wishes she had known when she was getting started in cosplay.

The Real Archaeology of Indiana Jones The world’s most famous archaeologist may be fictional, but much of the archaeology mentioned in the films is oh so very real and just as exciting. Explore the real Temple of Doom, go on the quest for the Holy Grail, and delve into the mystique of the actual crystal skulls.

Voice Acting: Business and Pleasure Noted voice actor Paul St. Peter invites attendees to learn about the anime, game, commercial, and industrial experiences he has to share. He will ask questions of the attendees that pose interesting challenges, from how to say no to unscrupulous clients, to when to be “nice” to your fellow artists. Paul will also hold open the question and answer button, so that the attendees will always be able to actively participate in the discussions. There will be fun questions and answers, crazy stories about some of our favorite voice actors, and good lessons to learn about this strange business that we call “show”.

That Voice Over Audition Paul St. Peter brings his years of experience to a panel that challenges the bravest of attendees. Paul will walk the through many of the steps involved in creating a good audition. He will give direction and tips on how to perform. Three volunteers will practice a voice acting piece selected by Paul. When the time arrives, they will each have a chance to present their best reading for the “client” (audience). Paul will then give notes and further direction, and the actors will do their “second takes”. The winner will be selected based on Paul’s critiques, and also by audience reaction. Afterwards, Paul will share his experiences in the audition process in particular, offer anecdotes about the business in general, and take questions from the attendees.

From Stage Actor to Voice Actor Paul St. Peter speaks in this panel about the differences between acting on stage and stepping in front of the microphone for voice acting. The challenges are many, and Paul shares his experiences, anecdotes, and practical advice with fans. Among the topics are speech techniques, control of volume and pitch, centering the body and mind, and adapting proven stage craft to serve “voice only” acting. Attendees are invited to ask questions, and he will invite volunteers to read stage pieces, and then have them try to “mic up“ to perform like voice actors!

Sound Off Voice Actors Wanna hear about your fave voice actor’s latest projects? How about that burning, over 18 question, you have wanted to ask your voice crush? And what does your favorite actor drink in his or her quiet moments? Sound Off Voice Actors is a panel where the audience and guests let their hair down and get to know each other! Let’s have some fun! NOTE: As usual, all guests reserve the right to decline a question for reasons of their own (NDA, too personal or weird, etc.)

The Villains of Paul St. Peter Paul St. Peter talks about the vocal adjustments and character choices he has used to create some very frightening voices! His portrayals of Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts), and Nine Tail Fox (Naruto) have chilled many a spine, and the terrifying Yammy Riyalgo (Bleach) is a study in pure menace. Paul will demonstrate his techniques in a clear, simple manner that will allow the fans to feel they are part of the creative process. Then he will ask for volunteers from the audience to rise and frighten everyone with their own vocal creations. Let’s all have some scary thrills!

Voice Maker Noted voice actor Paul St. Peter brings a fun, practical, and accessible approach to voice and character creation that can benefit any speaker, from beginner to expert. He will share his experiences in anime and video game production, and call upon brave volunteers from the audience to assist him in showing how the process works. Those interested in attending the following panel (Voice Performer) will return and perform assigned auditions, scenes, narration, and commercials. Come and see how we actors create these fun and sometimes wild voices! Are you brave enough?

Voice Performer Welcome to graduation day! Mr. St Peter will talk briefly about the previous panel (Voice Maker), and then the attendees who rehearsed their assigned material will be on stage! Audience members will be asked to comment about the voices and performances they hear, and Mr. St. Peter will give notes and offer advice, and have the speakers do re-takes. Let’s all see how creative and inventive our fellow Con friends can be!

"Fan-Tastic" Story Telling Come join us with some of the worst and most hilarious fan-fics read by guests and fans alike! You can just come to listen, or join in and read along as some of your favorite characters in the craziest fan-fics you can find online!

Behind the Music Interested in what it’s like writing music for video games, film, and other fun projects? Come learn what the process is like and what can happen in the most fun industry out there!

Convention Horror Stories Come hear the terrifying (and sometimes hilarious) stories of past conventions that will haunt your mind forever!

Fandom Appreciation Discuss your favorite anime, cartoons, manga, video games, and why they're so great to you. Share your love for your favorite series, and no bashing someone else's!

SNAFU Con Unplugged Come join the guests for an ask-all/tell-all Q&A that has no holds barred, no censorship, and no regrets!

Building a Home Recording Studio Come learn how to build your own at-home recording studio including the tools, hardware, software, and knowledge you'll need to get started recording from home, presented by Elevate Talent Agency Voice Over Director Christopher Escalante.

Voice Acting Q&A All-out Q&A panel with industry voice actors.

Hentai Music Videos Do you like Hentai? Do you like Music? Come see what happens when they are put together. You'll never hear the Inspector Gadget theme song the same way again!

Bad Hentai Most hentai is bad, but some is exceptionally terrible. Why not come spend some time watching some of the worst of the worst?

Conventions, Cosplay and Family Kids: want help explaining to your parents why conventions and cosplay are so cool and beneficial to your social development? Parents: confused about this whole convention and cosplay thing and wondering how to get involved? This panel is for you! Come join WindoftheStars/Mel and her mom Alisa as they talk about their experience of Mel getting into cosplay and anime as a teenager and how they worked together to gain a mutual understanding on the topic.

Cosplay Project Planning Join WindoftheStars to learn techniques for managing time and money when planing out your costume builds, plus local and online resources to help learn new techniques during your building process.

Palladium Multiverse The Palladium Books Multiverse is an extensive and expansive universe for role playing. This is a overview of what they have to offer for realms and what it has to offer.

Crossover QnA w/ Black Butler Come and join our QnA panel were you get to ask all our characters questions of almost any type! For the first half-hour we will be doing a QnA where you can ask any character a question! for the last thirty minutes we will be playing a game called "Who would you date?" Where three cosplayers fro the audience compete for a character's hand!So come join us!

Yaoi: Working in the Industry Come meet Warky as he talks about his experiences working in and around yaoi.

My Little Brony – Don't Tread on Me Bro! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a phenomenon that has taken the country by storm! Come talk with Warky about the Brony within!

Misery Colloquy If you have something to say about depression or just want to learn more, come join us in a safe environment to discuss. It's an open room and everyone is invited.

Cultural Myth and Cosplay This participatory panel explores the origins and evolution of cosplay along with cross cultural differences in cosplay. Join in to discuss how cosplay allows fans to become an active part of the narrative they enjoy and how it allows them to connect to a character they identify with in some way. Cosplay groups and individuals have also spread this impact to their communities via cosplay groups and community service.Fans can participate through discussion on their own costumes and characters.

Author Round Table Let's talk about the writing processes. Everything from coming up with an idea to publishing. We will even answer some questions.

Let Me Tell You About Webcomics Webcomics are an amazing and confusing medium that anyone can participate in regardless of artistic skills. Join the creator of "Epic Chaos!" Melissa McCommon as she goes over everything from writing and formatting comics for the web and print, as well as sharing some of her own experiences as a webcomic creator.

Service Dog Team Support & Education Service dogs are an essential tool for disabled handlers around the world, although with great power comes great responsibility! Join Simone & her service dog Helix as they give you valuable info regarding service dogs & their important roles to their handlers, & how able-bodied people can become powerful allies to service dog teams out in the world. Moderated by Melissa McCommon

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