SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2019 con will be November 15-17. The 2018 con was November 16-18.


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No, not solar, or insulating, or the ones you put lots of buttons on in your evil lab, but informational and entertaining panels on the subjects of....well, everything really. We will answer such great questions as "What qualifies as old-school?" "Why do my villains fail?" and "How much for that Nabeshin necktie?" Most of our panels are provided by fan volunteers. If you are interested in running a panel, more information is available on our Panelist Info.

2018 Panels List

Voice Acting Q&A All-out Q&A panel with industry voice actors.

Sailor Moon: Saviors of the Universe Come meet the pretty guardians who fight for love and justice! Chill with Sailor Moon and her gang, ask questions and just hang out!

K-pop Random Dance Play Show your mastery of K-Pop in this fast paced dance-off! We'll play just the chorus of the hottest K-Pop songs. If you hear one you know, jump into the middle and show us what you can do.

Cosplay Sword Making 101 Creating your very own cosplay sword doesn’t need expensive equipment or difficult techniques. Master level cosplayers and directors of Kraken Con Stephen & Lindsey will share with you their approach to forging your own cosplay prop swords out of lightweight, readily available materials - all without costing a fortune or burning down the house!

A Guide to Collecting Anime Cels We all love anime but did you know that you could own a piece of history from your favorite show? Hand-painted cels and other drawings from the animation process make for the perfect one-of-a-kind collectible. Come and learn from anime cel collectors Lindsey & Stephen about what cels are, where to buy them, how to store them, and about other animation art you can collect like genga and rilezu.

K-Pop Dance Annyeonghaseyo! In this panel, you will learn the simple steps to trendy K-Pop songs. Fighting!

So You Wanna Be A Streamer Streaming is never easy and some people don't know where to begin. Come learn all you need to know to take your first steps into the world of streaming!

Who's That Character?! Remember the old days of Pokémon where before commercials, you'd see that "Who's That Pokémon?!" screen with the blacked out image of the "mystery Pokémon"? Well think of this panel as something like that, but we're going to asking about several characters from other anime series and video-games! There will be candy as prizes! Warning! This panel contains flying candy; be prepared to duck and grab!

Meet the Paladins Attention! Citizens of SNAFU, The Paladins of Voltron come in peace! Our lions need recharging before we go on our next mission, so we are kind of stuck at the moment. However, while we are here we’d like to recruit you to our side! There will be questions, games and much more, so please join us as we help take back the universe!

Improv 101 Fully Unscripted presents everything you need to know to get started in improvisational acting. These skills will work for long-form, short-form, scripted acting, and even regular life. Think you're not funny? No problem! Ask questions, play games, and have fun.

Improv Workshop Fully Unscripted wants to get you improvising. If you've ever wanted to try out improv or if you just want to have some fun, join our experienced improv actors in a full run down of basic warm ups to full on stage games.

Con Feedback Tell us what you liked, didn't like, and what we should do next year.

Hentai: Insert Panel Experience the hilarity as our panelists heckle and dissect a hentai for your viewing pleasure.

The Art of Action-nomics The medium of anime allows for fantastic depictions of what could easily be considered boring. Join an all around nerd talking about the economics present in C Control and Spice and Wolf.

Kingdom Hearts, the Wait Nearly Ends Gather round and geek out about one of my favorite video game series. I'll either chat your ear off or we'll have an indepth discussion it'll all be based on your participation.

Running a Panel Trust me it's not scary. You just need to follow a few guidelines.

Public Speaking Fun fact, the average person is more scared of speaking in public than they are of dying. Want to try and get over that? Well I'll do my best for you.

Anime and Adaptations Why can't we get a good live action anime remake? Why is the manga always better? What changes when a show is dubbed? Let's talk about it!

Movie Ruiner Let me ruin your favorite movies. I doubt I'll change your mind but I'll point out all of it's flaws. (No promises on having seen your dumb movie.)

Furries at SNAFU Con! People of the furry community come together! Chat, commission, ask questions, get to know new furries! and more! Full suit, partial, no suit are welcome! Join ShadowCreeper the wolf in this fun experience as your host!

This is How We Do It (Make Comics) Want to make comics but aren’t sure how to start? Make comics already but need a burst of motivation? In this panel four comic artists with different backgrounds discuss how we got started and how you can pursue comics yourself.

Pokémon Go Go Go Learn about Pokémon Go: how it started, where it's been, and where it's headed!

A Walk Into the Disneyverse Come talk to the hosts of “The DisneyVerse Podcast” and hear about everything Disney from his humble beginnings to animation, the parks, and the future of Disney!

Behind the Poké Ball Join four Pokémon Masters as we go over clues that unravel the Pokémon universe, cover popular fan theories, and some of our own.

DMing Done Differently: Setting up One-Shots In this panel I'll be discussing the way to jump into a game without the hassle of creating a world and a backstory for everything. Get ready to dive in to the world of One-Shots and how to speed up your game.

4th Annual Open Mic Night DaRapNerd (formerly known as Darealwordsound) is back to host this amazing night of Open Mic. Come show off your talent and skills. Invite your friends and let's put on a show for everyone at SNAFU. Comedians, poets, singers, rappers, dancers, and cosplayers are welcomed.

DaRapNerd Q & A: The Journey of a Nerdy Rapper A lot has happened for our nerdy rap hero. Come find out what he has been up to, what happened with some projects, and ask questions on how you can get started as an artist.

Making Dope Anime Beats Learn how to make your own beats with DaRapNerd. Get an in depth study in the art of producing and recording.

Conventions, Cosplay and Family Kids: want help explaining to your parents why conventions and cosplay are so cool and beneficial to your social development? Parents: confused about this whole convention and cosplay thing and wondering how to get involved? This panel is for you! Come join WindoftheStars/Mel and her mom Alisa as they talk about their experience of Mel getting into cosplay and anime as a teenager and how they worked together to gain a mutual understanding on the topic.

Cosplay Project Planning Join WindoftheStars to learn techniques for managing time and money when planning out your costume builds, plus local and online resources to help learn new techniques during your building process.

Behind the music: Working in the media music indus Interested in what it's like writing music for video games, film, and other fun projects? Come learn what the process is like! Find out everything you've wanted to know about the music industry!

Voice Acting From Home Want to be a voice actor? Want to learn how to get started right from your own room? Come learn what you need to know to get started in voice acting from home, what knowledge you'll need, what equipment you'll need, what to go for to get started.

Convention Horror Stories Come hear the terrifying (and sometimes, hilarious) stories of conventions past that will haunt your mind forever!

Fan-tastic Stories Come join us with some of the worst and most hilarious fan-fics read by guests and fans!Listen to guests read or join in and read along as some of your favorite characters in the craziest fan-fics you can find online!

SNAFU Con Unplugged Come join the Guests for an Ask-All/Tell-All Q&A that has ho holds, no censorship, and no regrets!

Anime Appreciation Come for an educational discussion about your favorite anime, cartoons, manga, video games, and why they're so great to you. Share love for your favorite series, and no bashing someone else's.

Aphmau: Behind the Scenes Q&A Interested in learning more about the Aphmau series? Come learn and ask anything you want of Aphmau voice actor Christopher Escalante! (Ein, Derek, Shad.)

Hentai Redub Live! Join the bravest of our voice actor guests as they live-dub a hentai they’ve never seen before!

Behind the Voices Talk with Danielle McRae about her characters in some of your favorite anime and video games in an open discussion.

Video Game Geek Talk Join Danielle for a discussion on the state of the video game industry, plus your least or most favorite video game moments.

Video Game Voice Acting Meet Danielle McRae as she shares the process on what it's like to record for video games.

My Little Brony – Don't Tread on Me Bro! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a phenomenon that has taken the country by storm! Come talk with Warky about the Brony within!

Wark After Dark! Come see Warky Unplucked in this meet and greet, question and answer panel where anything and everything goes!

Yaoi: Working in the Industry Come meet Warky as he talks about his experiences working in and around yaoi.

Shino & Friends This is a card based game where you can ask an 18+ question you want to either "Steve" or any character he's voiced to answer. Pick a 2-9 and either he or the character must answer. Pick any other card and they have to read from a fan-fiction erotic novel based on Shino Aburame!

Jeopardy w/Derek Stephen Prince Attendees, how much do you know about your guest? If you think you can answer enough questions correctly (based on the subjects of Digimon, Other Anime, Live Action Dubbing, Original Animation and Personal Life) you will win a one-on-one meeting with him!

The Business of Voiceovers So you want to be a voice actor? You may have the voice, but do you have the business savvy to thrive?

Everything Digimon Fans of Digimon all come together and talk about shared experiences. Steve has been in every season except for Season 5, and the Tri movies.

Prop Making for Beginners Join us as we point new prop makers in the right direction on obtaining and working with various materials for creating props.

Advanced Prop Making The next step up in prop making! This will go over harder to obtain materials and how to work them just right for cool results!

Weathering/Distressing Tips and Tricks For those who want to push their edge game further! For props, costumes, armor, and anything in between! Painting, damaging with tools, dying materials, all that fun stuff!

Fanfiction 101 A beginner's guide on writing fanfic, problematic tropes, language do's and don'ts, finding a beta reader, and more, hosted by journalist T. Costa.

Press Orientation Orientation for members of the press to meet their press liason and get introduced to the ground rules of being press at SNAFU Con.

Daman Mills – Voice Actor Q&A You may know Daman from things like Dragon Ball, Nanbaka, Yuri!!! on ICE, and Tokyo Ghoul, but did you know he has a major coffee obsession? … You probably did, if we’re all being honest. Come by and chat with Daman on all things voice over, games, and any other burning questions that you may have!

Run of the Mills Voice Over Workshop Have you ever found yourself intrigued by the world of voice acting? What an ADR script might look like, or what that “cold reading” thing is you keep hearing about? We'll go over some important skill sets to use as an industry professional such as taking direction, booth etiquette, warm-ups, and more! We will also need audience participation for cold reading a character script in front of a live audience! Come prepared to act, and most importantly, to have fun!

Differences in Voice Acting: Beep… Beep… Huh? So you have a basic understanding about what voice acting is, but are you familiar with the several different methods that projects utilize to record their actors? ADR, pre-lay, video games, and more; here we will go through all the differences!

VO Auditioning and Home Recording Set-Ups With voice acting comes auditioning; there are a million different ways one can go about recording an audition for a client. Many of them are right, and many of them are wrong. Here we will go over some introductory tips on the auditioning process… and that’s not all! In the new age of VO, many of us record auditions remotely in our homes. Let’s learn how to set-up a soundproof recording space!

SNAFU Talks: Paranormal Activity in Animation A round table discussion moderated by Stephen Daugherty. Come and share your ideas with your peers on paranormal activity in animation. We'll discuss its use in storytelling, place setting, the horror genre, and even comedy!

SNAFU Talks: Time Travel in Animation A round table discussion moderated by Stephen Daugherty. Come and share your ideas with your peers on time travel and its use as a storytelling device in animation. We'll discuss how it's used, how they avoid (or don't acknowledge) paradoxes, and what common cliches appear in our favorite series.

Setting up a Home Workshop Ever think about setting up a workshop at home but not sure where to start? Cosplay prop maker Stephen Daugherty will walk you through a short guide on how to set up a home workshop without breaking the bank or burning the house down. Learn which tools are useful and which you can pass on as well as important tips on using those tools safely.

Bootleg Anime Products What makes that wall scroll or DVD boxset a bootleg? Where do they come from? What does "bootleg" mean anyway? Join us to find out how you can spot and avoid buying non-licensed merch!

Weirdness of American Anime in the VHS Age Taking a look at some of the bizarre design and promotional choices of American anime distributors in the days of home video.

Orbital Mechanic for Beginners Using Kerbal Space Program, let's talk about space, orbits, and math. It's not hard, its only rocket science.

Let's Talk World Building Do you want to build a world? Are you a writer or GM? Let's talk during this Main Stage discussion panel.

Macross and Mechwarrior This panel discusses how East and West collided with the worlds of Macross and Mechwarrior/Battletech. Both franchises share a few things in common most notably their mech designs. Dive into the worlds created by FASA Corporation and Shōji Kawamori and their encounters early in both of their franchise's life.

Mystic Messenger-Welcome to the RFA Have you ever received a mysterious message? Come join the members of the RFA and play games and ask questions about your favorite Mystic Messenger Characters. Based on the Korean Otome App Game "Mystic Messenger"

Kigurumi and Cosplay Animegao Kigurumi and Cosplay: Information and discussion session about Kigurumi and Cosplay including the philosophies behind it, the methods and techniques used for fabrication of Animegao Kigurumi Masks, and the characteristics of different Mask Creation Studios and diversity of the Global Kigurumi Cosplay community.

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.