SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con was November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2024 con has not been announced yet.

Read our full COVID-19 policy here.


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Artist Alley

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Want a special souvenir that's cute, crafty, or just plain gorgeous? SNAFU Con's Artist Alley is a venue for artists of all kinds to come promote themselves and sell their wares.

Visit the Artist's Alley to find great fan art, gifts and crafts, and other handmade things. Drawings, postcards, buttons, and all kinds of artistic creations will be for sale. Meet friendly artists, and commission a picture of yourself or a favorite anime character! Artists are creative and fun people. Buy unique and wonderful things from them here, in all price ranges.

For the Artist, Artist Alley is a more cost-effective alternative to a dealer's room, meant specifically for artists, con-goers can come here to get original art and merchandise from artists ranging from the barest beginner to the professionals.

Our Artists

Come see these artists in our artist alley!

Grandpa Anime
1RainbowDawn Productions
10Comic Boards Ink
14JaNeal Bartlett
15Sarah Geisler
16Kitsune's Leather
17Ryan Nimtz
18 & 19Art by Kino
21Outta The Cupboard, LLC
22Amare Caspar
24Jade Griffin Author and DearpyDesigns
25Elizabeth DeRooy
26Kaelin Manoa
27Desert Edge Studios LLC
29Panda & Bee
3Elissa Ruz
30Jelly Kitty Market
31Cute As A Button By Sara
32Ember Montana
33Golden Koi
34Monstar Customs
35Saint Fax
36Melissa Swanson
37David Berg
38Peck's Perlers
4Corvidaesgarden x Nocturnal Inks
41Phases Art Collective
46Protean Geek
47Uni's Magic Shoppe
49Judith Kenyon
5Corvidaesgarden x Nocturnal Inks
7Amanda Fantell
9Lopan Art

Covid Information

In addition to the SNAFU Con Covid vaccination policy, which you can read here, N95/KN95 masks are required for all artists while they are at their table. We will be enforcing this, if you are not willing to wear a N95/KN95 mask while manning your table, please do not apply this year.

Artist Alley General Information

Tables will be approximately 8' x 2.5' and will be provided with a simple cheap cover.

We cannot guarantee that there will be power available at the Artist Alley tables, so any electronics that the Artists feel that they need must be battery powered.

Artists must have a Reno Business License to sell in the Artist Alley. However, if you do not have a business license, a temporary one can be provided for you by the convention.


A full table is $75. This price includes one complimentary convention membership.

A temporary business license is $20.

Submitting an Artist Alley Application

Application submissions for the Artist Alley will open at 12:01am on Monday, September 4th 2023. All interested artists will have one week to submit their applications, along with five pictures representative of the work they intend to sell at their table, and their signed Artist Alley contract. The pictures you submit do not have to be actual pieces that you will definitely be selling at SNAFU Con, but they should be representative of what you will be selling at the convention. It is also highly recommended that you upload at least one picture of your table set-up. We reserve the right to remove artist applications from the queue if the submitted artwork violates the rules of SNAFU Con's Artist Alley - any artist that submits images of traced work or trademarked logos in their work will have their application denied and will not be considered for SNAFU Con's Artist Alley.

All artist submissions have until the application window closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, September 10th, 2023 to submit a completed and signed copy of their Artist Alley contract. It is the responsibility of the artist to make sure that the artist alley contract is completely filled out when it is submitted. Anyone who submits an incomplete contract and does not send us a corrected copy by September 10th, 2023 will be disqualified from the selection.

If two artists wish to be placed in tables next to each other, they may include their requests in their application or email the Artist Alley coordinator at [email protected] and all consideration will be made to their preferences. There will be two chairs provided at each table. If additional chairs are needed (within reason), artists may include their request in their application or email [email protected] with their request and we will do our best to provide more chairs.

To save time before applications open, be sure to register your account in our online registration system.

Examples of what is OK to sell vs. what is NOT OK to sell in the Artist Alley

Artists must sell only their own work in the Artist Alley, no commercial merchandise (either new or used) is to be sold. No food may be sold or given away in the Artist Alley, with the exception of individually wrapped commercially-available candy. No copied artwork in part or in whole may be sold. This includes traced or "eyeballed" artwork, or copying trademarked logos. We will not accept any representatives from multi-level marketing companies. Art generated or substantially assisted by AI is strictly prohibited.

Examples of what is allowed or not allowed to be sold in the artist alley include (but are not limited to):

-Fanart, as long as the design is your own original creation.

-Cosplay props, as long as they are not copies of commercially-available props. These by nature are generally copied from their source material, but the purpose of the prop is generally to be as show-accurate as possible.

-Trademarked logos that are part of a larger work. For example, if you use the bat-symbol in a painting of Batman.

-The use of commercially-purchased stickers, comics pages, magazine pages, character fabric, etc. when used as part of a transformative work, such as resin work, collage, or decoupage… as long as these were legally purchased by you.

-3D Printed or laser cut products created using files that you yourself drew or modeled.

-Eye-balled or otherwise traced artworks, this includes copied poses with different clothes, hair or facial features.

-Exact copies of existing artwork, even if drawn or painted in a different style.

-Trademarked logos directly copied onto stickers, jewelry, clothing, glassware, cross-stitch, etc. without drastically changing or otherwise parodying the logo.

-Images from Google copied directly onto stickers, jewelry, clothing, glassware, etc.

-The use of any images downloaded and printed off of Google in transformative works without being legally purchased by the artist.

-3D printed or laser cut products that were produced using files created by someone else. If you legally purchased or otherwise licensed those files, please apply to the Vendor Room instead.

-AI work generated using services such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, etc.

Please carefully read the Artist Alley contract for a complete list of rules.