SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2019 con will be November 15-17. The 2018 con was November 16-18.


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Artist Alley

Artist Alley is Full!

Artist Alley is full for 2018! If you're the hopeful sort, you can still sign up for the waitlist by logging into our registration system.

Visit Artist Alley

Want a special souvenir that's cute, crafty, or just plain gorgeous? SNAFU Con's Artist Alley is a venue for artists of all kinds to come promote themselves and sell their wares.

Visit the Artist's Alley to find great fan art, gifts and crafts, and other handmade things. Drawings, postcards, buttons, and all kinds of artistic creations will be for sale. Meet friendly artists, and commission a picture of yourself or a favorite anime character! Artists are creative and fun people. Buy unique and wonderful things from them here, in all price ranges.

For the Artist, Artist Alley is a more cost-effective alternative to a dealer's room, meant specifically for artists, con-goers can come here to get original art and merchandise from artists ranging from the barest beginner to the professionals.

Our Artists

Come see these artists in our artist alley!

Vendor Map

01Hyperbooster Studio
02Comic Boards Ink
03Kawaii Status 100%
04Apple Kid
05Holley Tea Time
06A.L. Kaplan
07CJ Joughin
08The Gorgonist Illustration
10Mia Young Art
11Aly Kat's Curiosities
12Uni's Emporium of Randomocity
14judith kenyon
15Protean Geek
16Planetary Arts
18Hilary Heiman
19Unlucky Cloverfield
20Earthworkshttp://[email protected]
21Krista Mongrain
22The Cozy Quail / Pocket Panda
23Danielle Seay
24Karrashi Art
26Becca Hearts Art
27Yume Neko Shop and
28DxD = Design by Divine
29Outer Castle
31Whitney Mueller
32Sarah Geisler
33Super Adorkable
34Megan E. Risk
36Random Art Dude
37Sasha and Hannah
38Crafty Geek Girls
40Mearii Go Round
41Mask Me Anything
43Inkchip Designs
44Emily Jennings-Dobbs

Artist Alley General Information

Tables will be approximately 8' x 2.5' and will be provided with a simple cheap cover.

There will be no power provided at the Artist Alley tables, so any electronics that the Artists feel that they need must be battery powered.

Artists must sell only their own work in the Artist Alley, no commercial merchandise (either new or used) is to be sold. No food may be sold in the Artist Alley.

Artists must have a Reno Business License to sell in the Artist Alley. However, if you do not have a business license, a temporary one can be provided for you by the convention.

All Artist Alley registrations must be sent and paid for before September 1st. Tables are assigned on a first-paid, first-served basis. If two artists wish to be placed in tables next to each other, they may email the Artist Alley coordinator at [email protected] and all consideration will be made to their preferences.

There will be two chairs provided at each table. If additional chairs are needed (within reason), artists may email [email protected] with their request and we will do our best to provide more chairs.

To register for Artist Alley, visit our online registration system and sign up under the "more options" drop-down menu.