SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2019 con will be November 15-17. The 2018 con was November 16-18.


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2018 Events List

Opening Ceremonies Join your con chair and MC along with all of your guests to kick off SNAFU Con 2018 in style!

Closing Ceremonies The con is nearly over. Come for one last hurrah.

Cosplay Games SNAFU Con’s third annual Cosplay Games! We've a put together a bunch of games involving or relating to this year's theme: Paranormal. Cosplayers will be picked first, but everyone is welcome. Win some PRIZES!

Talent Show Are you a singer, dancer, musician or magician? Enter our Sunday Talent Show and show off your best talent to win great prizes! Sign up online to participate.

Charity Auction Come and attend our charity auction! This year, proceeds will be going to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Cosplay Masquerade SNAFU Con's annual Cosplay Masquerade! Come see talented cosplayers compete!

Rave Come flail around in the dark with anime themed music and pretty lights. Bring your glow sticks!

Masquerade Rehearsal Closed-room rehearsal for those who will be in the Masquerade.

Masquerade Reception Have something to say? Come to the masquerade reception to voice your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions

VIP Meet, Greet, and Treat Are you a SNAFU Con VIP? Come enjoy an exclusive chance to visit and relax with this year’s amazing guests. Complimentary snacks will be provided.

DaRapNerd Concert Join DaRapNerd for an unusual fusion of hip-hop and nerd culture.

Warky Keyboard Concert Listen to the melodies of Warky. Everything from video game music to anime tunes await you.

Day Zero Open-Mic Karaoke! Come sing your heart out at this all-ages, badgeless, FREE Day Zero karaoke event!

Karaoke Contest Sign-Ups If you want to take part in Saturday's karaoke contest, NOW IS THE TIME to head to the karaoke room and sign up!

Open-Mic Karaoke Got an hour in between panels? Just like singing? Like watching other people sing? Come check out open-mic karaoke in the karaoke room! (Tasha, the head of karaoke, DOES take requests! Go ahead, make me sing Barbie Girl. I'll do it!) Karaoke is badgeless!

18+ Karaoke If you wanted to sing naughty songs, now is the time! Head to the badgeless karaoke room and use those swears!

Cat-Thulu, Inc. Livestream Raven and Tasha from Cat-Thulu, Inc. will be streaming their Sunday show right here at SNAFU Con! Come join the fun!

Casual Dance Mixer Come meet and hang out with your fellow con goers in a light-hearted atmosphere with good danceable music. No dance experience or partner required, casual dress / come as you are.

Warframe Fridays with Cat-Thulu, Inc.! Every Friday Cat-Thulu streams Warframe. This time we're doing it live!

Ball SNAFU is hosting a ball! Enjoy a lively night of music and dancing with our host Heather Hough. You can prepare for the ball with our multitude of dance lessons throughout the weekend, but no experience or partner is required. Costumes or formal dress admired but not required.

Bold Titles indicate Guest participation.