SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2017 con was October 6th - 8th. The 2018 con has not been announced yet.


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2017 Workshop List

UTAU for Beginners Interested in learning about the vocal synthesis tool UTAU? I will be showing the basics of UTAU, plus covering a brief history about how the program got to where it is today. Don't know what UTAU is? All the more reason to come take a look!

3½ Steps to Draw Anything Ever wanted to draw? Lost with tutorials and how-to books? Do you think you can't draw? With three and a half simple steps, I can show you how to draw anything.

Wigs 101 Need help with wigs? Where do you find them? What are heat resistant wigs? How do you curl or straighten a wig? I'm here to help, answer questions, share what I've found over the years, and show you where to find answers.

How to (Properly) Tie a Tie The necktie is a decorative bit of clothing that goes back to Roman times and was elevated to an art form in the late 1800s. Join us for a workshop on how to tie some of the most popular and interesting knots – the only knot I refuse to go over is the “wrap around!”

Nude Figure Drawing Panel Need to brush up on drawing a more *ahem* "complete" human figure? Then join us after hours for drawing lessons in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.

So You Wanna Be A Voice Actor? Have you wondered how to get started in the voice over world? Or what classes or resources you should use, and which ones not to use? Join Kiba as he goes over the do's and don't's of voice acting from home.

Iron Artist Competition Have you ever wanted to test your skills in a no-holds-barred contest of wills against other artists? Or maybe you just want to spend an hour having fun drawing live models. Well, here's your chance. Come together in our Iron Artist competition! We will provide the cosplay models as you compete for fabulous prizes!

How to Adapt Anime Songs How do you translate or adapt anime songs from Japanese to English? Kiba is here to show you his method, and demonstrate the common missteps some people take when covering songs. This is an interactive panel so come ready to try it yourself!

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