SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The 2023 con will be November 17 - 19, 2023. The 2021 con was October 29-31, 2021.
VACCINES REQUIRED FOR CON THIS YEAR. Read our full COVID-19 policy for 2021 here.


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2023 COVID Policy Update

We don't have the details pinned down yet, but the gist of our policies for the 2023 convention are:

- Being up to date on COVID Vaccines is still required with roughly the same policy of last year but more specific language is TBD.
- We will allow a limit number of medical exemptions with a doctor's note and some testing requirements.

- Not required for attendees, but encouraged.
- N95/KN95 required for anyone who has received a vaccine medical exemption to attend.
- N95/KN95 required for on-shift staff & volunteers in customer-facing positions
- Cloth masks or face shields, or better are required for panelists/performers while they are panelisting/performing.
- N95/KN95 required for vendors/artists while they are at their booth/table

More details to come to hammer down the language, but these are the important bits of what we're doing.


We're still building our calendar but we're working on filling it out.

You can view the calendar here

SNAFU Con Filler Arc 2022

Hi everyone! We know everyone has been on edge waiting for more information about our next convention date and we have news: we're going to be pushing our next official convention out to fall 2023.

We are excited to announce that we are going to be doing a bunch of mini events throughout the year around the area. We're calling this our "beach episode" as we're trying to make this a fun break from our normal event. Various departments are very excited to be running events this year and we hope you'll attend. Events we're planning include: cosplay gatherings and contests, tabletop games, e-gaming tournaments, and art gatherings. If you're interested in running an event, hosting an event at your shop, or helping plan/run events, please reach out to us on Discord. If you are unable to reach us on Discord you may also email us at [email protected].

We will be posting more information about the planned events soon. In the meantime, our first event is going to be a group Pokemon Go gathering on the June 25th Community Day for Deino. Join us at Mira Loma park from 11am to 2pm to catch imaginary monsters and win prizes donated by a few of our staff.

Catch Deinos during the event! Show them to staff to earn prizes if they have a high CP! The highest CP Deinos at 2 pm, for Shiny and non-Shiny, each win a fabulous prize! Don't miss out on a great time!


Spring Update

Hi everyone.

It was great seeing everyone at con. I hope everyone is doing well.

At this time, we do intend on having a con in the 2022 year, but have not signed any contracts yet. We're considering changing up our space which requires new quotes and contracts. We're still talking with the GSR about our next contract, so please hold tight.

In the meantime, if you want to talk to us, it is best if you reach out to us through Discord as very few staff members are looking at the emails right now and even fewer have any spoons to actually respond to any emails they do see. We tend to reply in Discord fairly promptly, though.

Regarding potential requirements to attend, it is highly likely that we will still require all participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (which probably includes a booster) and be masked, no matter how loose the state restrictions may become. Our goal, as always, is to have as safe of an event as possible. As the state of the pandemic changes, our requirements may change, and the fall season is still quite far into the future.

Stay safe.

Updated 2022-02-27

Get Ready for Con!

Con is in a few short days! Here's what you need to know.

Vaccinations Required: All participants are required to be FULLY vaccinated against COVID-19. We are making exceptions for children 12 and under as long as they come with a negative test within 72 hours before picking up their badge (rapid tests ok, must be administered by a medical person such as a pharmacist). Limited medical exemptions available for individuals 13 and up if you email us a doctor's note on letterhead and also bring a negative test within 72 hours of picking up your badge. If you are 13+ and are unable to be vaccinated PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION BEFORE THURSDAY SO WE HAVE TIME TO REVIEW AND APPROVE IT.
Please read our policies closely before emailing us with questions because we might not be able to reply with how close we are to con.

What you need to bring to pick up your badge
  1. Your ID. (School ID okay, website ID not okay)
  2. Proof of vaccination showing last required dose as received at least 2 weeks before badge pickup. If you are bringing a photo of your vaccination card, be sure it is high detail and shows both sides of the card. OR if your exemption is approved:
    • (for all ages) proof of a negative test administered by a medical professional within 72 hours of badge pickup
    • and (for ages 13+) a copy of your doctor's note stating that you are medically advised not to receive the vaccine
  3. Liability Waiver. Copies will be available on-site, but bring it pre-signed if you can to speed up the process. Must be signed by a parent/guardian for minors! (Use page 1 for adults or page 2 for minors)
  4. If you need to pay: cash. We only accept cash at registration. Weekend badge $40, day badge $20.

Badge pickup is Thursday, starting around 6pm until 11pm (prepaid only!), Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday 10am-11pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.

Masks Required: See our mask policy here for current mask guidelines. Mask policy will be strictly enforced.

See our Schedule to see all the cool things going on this weekend!
See our 2021 Convention Booklet!



Registration Hours
Thursday: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM (pre-paid badges only!)
Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Vendors & Artist Alley Hours
Friday: 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
** First 30 minutes after open is VIP and Staff only!

Swap Meet Hours
Thursday: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Cosplay, Cosplay, Cosplay!

Cosplay Masquerade signups are open! Prizes, awards, and bragging rights are up for grabs in this must see event! Check out the rules and signups here!

We're looking for Cosplay Gathering Hosts! Check out the simple requirements here!

New Guest to SNAFU Con - John Gremillion

SNAFU Con is pleased to welcome John Gremillion, a stage, film and voice actor who has been working in anime for over 20 years, providing voices for dozens of popular anime titles for ADV, FUNimation, Okratron 5000, and Sentai Filmworks. John’s most popular roles include Gentle Criminal in My Hero Academia, Dracule Mihawk in One Piece, Roland Chapelle in Food Wars, Arthur Randall in Black Butler, and D in Sentai’s recent re-release of Vampire Hunter D.

Swap Meet Registration is Open

Do you have waaaay too much stuff? Would you like to clear some of it away and make a little money to buy more stuff? Register for the Swap Meet today!

First Guest Announcements!

SNAFU Con is pleased to welcome back Lady Staba and Danielle McRae!

Programming Change for 2021

We are going to be shutting down at night for the first time in our history. To encourage everyone, including staff, to get some rest every night, we are planning on shutting down all of our space between 2am and 9am every night.

These times may change as we fill out our programming schedule.

New COVID Policy for SNAFU Con 2021

Dear con-goers,

We here at SNAFU Con are excitedly working towards our convention Halloween weekend, but in the face of COVID's Delta variant and new state restrictions, we are going to have some new requirements. The health and safety of our attendees and staff has always been of great importance to us, so we've found the safest manner to still hold the con.

All attendees must have proof of full vaccination in order to pick up a badge. Exceptions must be applied for, but will still require a negative test within two days of the convention. Children under the age of 13 are exempted from vaccination but will still require a negative test. Masks are required while at the venue and during all parts of the convention.

Click here for our full COVID-19 guidelines and policy changes.

If these circumstances are too much to properly enjoy the convention, we apologize but given the current health risks at large there is little that can be done about it this year. We're happy to roll over any tickets that won't be used towards next year's event, where we hope to have a more traditional gathering.

In the mean time, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!

Our Current Mask Policy

We are currently requiring masks at SNAFU Con 2021, regardless of vaccination status.

You can see our complete mask policy in our Dress Code.

Artist Alley Applications

Artists can apply for the artist alley until 7/17 through our registration system. Selections will be announced on 8/1.

Book Your Room!

Hotel registration is now open for SNAFU Con 2021! There are lots of great reasons to get a room even if you're a local – you can handle cosplay emergencies, take a shower, store your stuff, and maybe even sleep. You'll also get one free upgrade to a VIP badge for each night of your stay.

Book Your Room Online

Room prices range from $119 to $129 for Friday and Saturday nights and from $59 to $69 otherwise. Book before September 30th to lock in these discounted rates!

Artist Alley Applications Opens Soon!

Applications for SNAFU Con's Artist Alley will open on Saturday, July 10th. The process has changed this year, so please check out the Artist Alley page for more information.


Preparations for SNAFU Con 2021 are under way!

This year's convention will be October 29th-31st at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino.

This year's theme is Time Travel!

Keep an eye out on this page for more information.


We want to remind everyone that if you have any feedback to send it to [email protected]. We love to hear feedback (positive and negative) and we take every suggestion into consideration. If you don't tell us your convention experiences, how else will we know?