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SNAFU Con is an anime convention in Reno, NV, Friday, October 24th through Sunday, October 26th, 2014, inside The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, 2500 E. Second Street, Reno, NV 89595.

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2014 Dates!

The dates are set! SNAFU Con 2014 will be October 24 - 26!

This year's theme is magic. We will be updating the site for the new theme and 2014 info soon.

AMV Contest for 2014!

SNAFU Con is having it's first ever AMV contest. Check out the information here.


We want to remind everyone that if you have any feedback to send it to . We love to hear feedback (positive and negative) and we take every suggestion into consideration. If you don't tell us your convention experiences, how else will we know?

2013 is Over

Hey all,

We want to thank everyone for such a great year! We had more people than we expected (1630) and all-in-all it was our smoothest convention ever. That's not to say there weren't snags, but we always will have things to improve upon.

This year went so well we are all really excited about 2014. Next year will be year FIVE! Our theme will be Magic. We also intend on holding our first ever AMV contest so watch for that. The rules are almost complete so we'll be posting that soon.

Registration is also planning on having badge achievements, so once registration opens make sure you have all your badges linked to your account - there will be a 5-year achievement. Of course, that only will apply to pre-registered people, so start saving your money now for when reg opens. There aren't a lot of things to improve on, so reg is expected to open in January or so, but of course, plans tend to go awry . . . Be assured that reg will never open later than May.

Anyway, con ran long this year because no one wanted to leave. We actually had to kick people out which was impressive. We are all looking forward to 2014 and we hope you are, too. After we get some sleep we'll be starting up planning for next year.

See ya round!

The SNAFU Con Team

Letter From Volunteer Director

This small letter goes out to all the wonderful volunteers we had at SNAFU con this weekend. So if you were a volunteer please read!

To Volunteers,

As closing ceremonies ended I sat in the crowd trying not to look like a siss and cry after having been so "mean" to everyone as I looked around at a crowd of great con goers and unforgettable volunteers. We had an AMAZING group of volunteers this con! I will miss you dearly! Thank you so much for all your hard work and help, YOU help make Snafu Con awesome!

Many hugs,
~Blanca (your volunteer director) (The chick in the lab coat day 1/red coat day 2/ orange pants today that was making you fill out forms and yelling at you to go places)


SNAFU Con wants to issue a deep apology to anyone who felt that some of the rovers were rude this year. We handled it as best we could anytime we received a complaint, but we understand that we didn't fix everything. We have plans for 2014 to train them better in politeness and customer service. Of course they must still enforce the policies, but we will be covering better ways of doing it. Again - very sorry.

Thank you to all people who reported it, and thank you to the rovers who were, indeed, polite and had to deal with the fellow rovers who weren't. Please remember to report rude or unreasonable staffers as soon as you can. If they're rude to you, then they're being rude to others, too.

We are very sorry. =(