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SNAFU Con is an anime convention in Reno, NV, Friday, October 24th through Sunday, October 26th, 2014, inside The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, 2500 E. Second Street, Reno, NV 89595.

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Our second performer has been announced!

Check out Performers for more information.

Art Contest Prizes

We are pleased to announce the prizes for the SNAFU Con Art Contests featuring prizes from Copic, Deleter, and Sakura of America! You can see the full list of all the prizes on SNAFU Con's Art Contest page.

Artists have until midnight on Sept. 30th to submit their art to the contests and attempt to win one of these fabulous prizes! Please head over to the Contest Index to submit your artwork. Good luck to everyone!

Art Contests Open!

The SNAFU Con Art Contests are officially open. The prize list is coming very soon, but please submit your artwork on the Contests Index, because rest assured, the prizes will be awesome!

Swap Meet OPEN

Info about the swap meet.

Sign up here (direct link)!

You do need to be registered for the convention to register for the Swap Meet.


Did you see us at SacAnime? No? Well we have two more cons we're going to be at before SNAFU happens -

Reno Comic Con and Kraken Con!!

We will be giving out buttons and fliers and being generally cool people so come and see us!!

Mark Oshiro

Our second guest has been announced! Mark Oshiro!
Mark Oshiro
More info on our Guests page.

The Slants

Hello Con-goers!!! I am proud to present our first wonderful entertainment THE SLANTS.
The Slants
More info on our Guests page.

Artist Alley is Full!

As of today, SNAFU Con's Artist Alley is full!

Anyone who signs up for a table after today will be placed on a waiting list, should any spots open up. Our new Clubs/Orgs section still has tables left, if you represent a club or organization that would like to have a table to promote your club or sell handmade crafts, please register in our Clubs/Orgs section.

Open: Registration for the Convention, Artist Alley, and Panels

Just a reminder that registration for the convention is open and so is Artist Alley!

You must first be registered for the convention to register for AA, so register for con here.

You can then register for Artist Alley by logging in and going to More Options, then Artist Alley.
Here is a direct link.

You can submit your panels by going to More Options then Panels.
Here is a direct link.

Book your hotel!

You'll need a place to store your stuff, shower, and just maybe sleep. We have 3 days of programming, so get yourself a home-base for the weekend!

Click here to be taken to a page where you can create or modify your hotel reservations online.

See our hotel section for more information.

2014 Dates!

The dates are set! SNAFU Con 2014 will be October 24 - 26!

This year's theme is magic. We will be updating the site for the new theme and 2014 info soon.

AMV Contest for 2014!

SNAFU Con is having it's first ever AMV contest. Check out the information here.


We want to remind everyone that if you have any feedback to send it to . We love to hear feedback (positive and negative) and we take every suggestion into consideration. If you don't tell us your convention experiences, how else will we know?