Online Cosplay Contest Rules


  • By sending us your image, you agree to let us post it to our discord, web page, and social media. By participating in the cosplay contest your image may be used in an advertisement or promotional item.
  • Your skit, outfit, and behavior must fit within a "general audience" rating and fit within the SNAFU Con Dress Code.
  • The costume you enter must not be one that's won something at any SNAFU Con Masquerade before or was entered in the SNAFU Con Masquerade in 2019.
  • Costume must be inspired by an anime, manga, comic, video game, tv show, movie, web comic, or some other form of media
  • If you are under 18, make sure you have parental permission to join the contest.
  • One costume per day per contestant.
  • You may submit up to three photos per costume entry but we will only post one combined image. You are encouraged to create a single file that contains all of your photos for the entry together, however, if you need help, we can help you combine your photos.
  • Voting will be handled via reacts in discord. To vote on an entry, add a react. Multiple reacts will only count as one react. You may react to your own entry. You may react to as many entries as you want.


For each day, the winners will be counted based on the number of reacts (only one react per person will be counted) on their image in Discord.

1st Place - $20 code for Joann fabrics, $10 code for Kobold's Keep
2nd Place - $10 code for Joann fabrics, $10 code for Kobold's Keep
3rd Place - $10 code for Kobold's Keep

Thank you to Kobold's Keep for donating prizes!

How to Enter

First, make sure you read the rules before you enter! They aren't long and they are important.

Click here to enter

Deadline to enter is 10pm the night before each day (so the deadline to enter Saturday would be Friday 10pm, and the deadline to enter Sunday would be Saturday at 10pm)