SNAFU Online Merchants

List of Merchants

Acrylsy Store
[email protected]

We're a store that sells acrylic charms, enamel pins and more from a collective of artists.

Carter Avvea Store
Carter Avvea
[email protected]

My artwork can range from canvas painting to watercolor to digital. My main profession is digital and I usually do pieces based off of people's original characters or cannon characters as well. My artstyle can shift easily from one to another and my strong points in drawing are women and men. Fursonas as well but I'll need heavy referencing to switch it into my style.

Discord: Carter#5379

cheekytweethart Store

Fanart and original design stickers and pinback buttons. Want to make your things cute? Visit our Etsy Shop for the very best handmade pieces!

Cute As A Button By Sara Store
Cute As A Button By Sara

I sell animal ear hats, kigurumis, oversized dice, pride scarves, plushies, and earrings. I offer many customized options and will respond quickly to any inquiries. You can use the promo code SNAFU2020 for 10% off all items. Also I offer shop-wide free shipping on orders over $35.

ERaeCreations Store
[email protected]

Hi I'm Emily. I work primarily with resin to take your idea and make it something tangible. Whether it's ttrpg dice/dice boxes based of your OC, a trinket tray with a picture of your pet, or a keychain of your favorite animal in a custom color, or even a phone grip, you will love your creation! I also have original artwork in the form of stickers, acrylic pins, and t-shirts. On my Instagram you will find ready to ship items as well as a customs form! Contact me today to make your dream item a reality!

Everything Resin Co Store
Everything Resin Co

We make handcrafted resin jewelry, magnets, coasters, and trinkets. From cute holiday themed earrings to your new favorite thing you use daily we have you covered! We have whimsical necklaces and spooky magnets, and cute coasters.

GalaxyMuffin Store

Prints, Stickers, Magnets Original Character and FanArt and Character Art Pins

HollyeeKitty Store

Hello my name is Hollye. I love to hand paint fan art on tumblers, phone cases, pop sockets, etc. I love to make it custom made for want you want. Anything from Disney to Anime, but I’m open to a challenge. All mugs hand painted are dishwasher safe. Tumblers are sealed to protect the paint. On my free time I like to stream my art on Twitch. I also have some prints made of art, stickers, and tee-shirts. Feel free to check it out.

JennGuine Store

Welcome to JennGuine! In my shop you will find Anime, Nerd, Geek, Video Game, Retro, Gaming, Meme, Vaporwave, Cute, Kawaii, and Lewd inspired merchandise such as stickers, bookmarks, acrylic pins, enamel pins, magnets, keychains, charms, apparel, and more!

Kitsune's Leather Store
Kitsune's Leather

I sell leather bags and accessories including chokers and keychains along with clay pins and makeup bags! Don't see something you like? Message me and we can make it happen!

Kitsune's Treasures Store
Kitsune's Treasures

Kits Treasures specialized in dice bags (that can double as little cosmetic or jewelry bags), cute kitty themed earrings and keychains, D&D dice/D20 themed earrings and keychains, the occasional crocheted scarf and random resin charm or item that comes along. Custom colors for any resin piece can be discussed with the artist as well.

Kobold's Keep Store
Kobold's Keep

Kobold's Keep is your one-stop tabletop shop! Whether it's cards, board games, or RPGs, we have it all, from die-hard favorites to the unique and exotic, so get a new game today!

LilyFie Store
[email protected]

I am a SFW digital artist. I am open for commissions. I also make my own merch like; enamel pins, wooden pins, and acrylic charms.

Noctemq Store
[email protected]

I’m selling Mandalorian Cowboy goods!

Outer Castle Store
Outer Castle
[email protected]

I am selling key chains, stickers, buttons, and art prints, with a focus on Final Fantasy and retro games and anime. All of my stickers, key chains, and buttons can be found on my Etsy store, and the prints I'm offering can be found on my website. Please email me if you're interested in a print, as sizes and availability vary. Custom sayings for the "You're not being much of..." are also available. Please email me for more details. Prints can be found at

Peck's Perlers Store
Peck's Perlers

Welcome to Peck's Perlers. My name is Andrew, but I go by Peckapon. I make perlers of video games, anime, and pop culture. They come in keychains as well as bigger sizes.

Planetary Arts Store
Planetary Arts

I'm so excited to be tabling virtually at SNAFU Con Online this year! I am open for digital commissions at reduced prices for this convention weekend ONLY. I am currently not selling prints online.
Commissions will all be waist-up portraits, drawn digitally and delivered via email. I can draw fanart, original characters, pet portraits, DnD characters, and furries! Please, no NSFW.

Poison Candee Store
Poison Candee


Poison Candee is a place to find unique and unusual handmade crafts. It features customizable beanies and masks, huge tenticuddle pillows, bath bombs and more.

Message me at
Follow me on twitter @CandeePoison and on instagram at

Promotion/WhoathereSara Store

Would you like a comic? How about some art? Maybe order a commission? How about all of those?

Sininsi Store

I sell keychains, stickers, and small prints with plans to go into amigurumi in December :D

For the duration of snafucon, I'll take commissions for art in the pokemon mystery dungeon style and landscapes. Contact me through discord or etsy to get started!

Discord: sininsi#7655

Sunset Potions Store
Sunset Potions
[email protected]

My name is Cody, and I welcome you to my little shop in the Sunset mountains! I specialize in master brewed potions for the veteran cosplayer, the D&D player, and the fans of fantasy decor! Along with specially crafted potions, I dabble in the world of polymer claytastrophies! All requests can be made via Etsy, or my personal email, thank you! ^_^

Super Adorkable Store
Super Adorkable
[email protected]

Custom Costume Accessories and Props including wings, tails, ears, goggles, mini hats, unicorn horns, hair clips, and more.

WishlessWorld Store

Wishlessworld makes one of a kind fiber art creations. These soft sculptures are made through a process called needle felting where loose wool is formed into solid shapes with a barbed needle. There are both natural animals and fantasy creatures so please come take a look at the shop.