Online Watch Party

Watch anime with us!

Do you miss the anime club experience? We sure do... So you can join us to watch some anime together, complete with snarky comments! All it takes is the Scener extension for Chrome and an account with Netflix, Prime or Hulu.

Scener Instructions

First, Scener is a chrome extension. If you don’t have chrome, download & install chrome from

Next, install the Scener chrome extension from the Scener website
  • Click the pink button to “get scener”
  • Click the blue button to install the chrome extension

You don't need a Scener account to watch with us, but you do need one if you want to use the chat feature.
  • Go to "Login".
  • Click on "No Account? Sign up for Free!"

Go to SNAFU Online's profile. It'll show what we're watching! When we go live, click the pink "Join Party" button. It'll launch the extension.

Click “Skip” under Camera. Do not enable camera or microphone.

You will need to log into whatever the streaming service is that hosts the title we're watching (Netflix, Prime, or Hulu).

You can change the audio and subtitles without affecting the other watchers.

Friday Anime Movie Night

Unwind after a long day with some movies!

7:00pm - Memories – Suggested Rating 14+ (Prime)
Memories is three short stories. The first, "Magnetic Rose", is a psychological space horror.
The second, "Stink Bomb" is a wacky comedy about a man spreading a deadly contagion!
And the third, "Cannon Fodder", is a dark vision of a dystopian past (and maybe future).
This movie features an absolutely beautiful soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, of Cowboy Bebop fame.

9:00pm - Children of the Sea – Suggested Rating 10+ (Netflix)
After a falling out with both her mother and the other members of her school club, Ruka finds herself with nowhere to spend her days during summer vacation, and so she ends up hanging out at the aquarium where her father works. While there, she meets a mysterious pair of brothers, named Umi and Sora. The three teens share some sort of connection to a series of supernatural phenomena that have been affecting the world's marine life, such as a comet falling into the sea and aquatic life from around the world gathering in Japan.

11:00pm - Fireworks Suggested Rating 10+ (Netflix)
Norimichi and Yusuke are both infatuated with their classmate Nazuna. But when Nazuna decides to run away from home, it's Norimichi she asks to join her. After their plans go awry, Norimichi discovers a magical ball that has the power to manipulate time and give them a second chance, but each reset brings new complications.

Saturday Morning Cartoons - For Anime Fans!

It's Saturday morning all day, while we ignore the world and all responsibilities by watching a ton of anime!

10:00am - Pokemon Indigo League Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 7+ (Netflix)
It’s Ash Ketchum’s tenth birthday, and he’s ready to do what many 10-year-olds in the Kanto region set out to do—become a Pokémon Trainer! Things don’t go exactly the way he planned when he ends up with a stubborn Pikachu, and winning Gym Badges turns out to be much tougher than he thought. Luckily he’s got former Gym Leaders Brock and Misty at his side, along with a bevy of new Pokémon friends, including Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

11:30am - Pokemon: The Power of Us – Suggested Rating 7+ (Netflix)
The iconic duo travels to Fula City during the annual Wind Festival that celebrates the Legendary Pokémon Lugia. While there, Ash and Pikachu meet a colorful cast of characters, including a young athlete, a compulsive liar, a shy researcher, a bitter old woman, and a little girl with a big secret. When a series of threats endangers the festival and the city, they must all learn to work together to save the day. And what part does the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora play?

1:30pm - Attack on Titan: Junior High Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Hulu)
The story follows Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman entering Titan Junior High, a school where humans and Titans study in the same area in coexistence. Because of a "traumatic" event, where the Colossal Titan ate his lunch back in middle school, Eren hates the Titans, and is constantly trying to find a way to rid the earth of their kind. Because of this, he has a hard time making friends, much to Mikasa's worry.

3:00pm - Tiolet-bound Hanako-kun Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Hulu)
Kamome Academy is rumored to have many mysteries, the strangest of which involves the mischievous ghost of Hanako-kun. When occult-loving high schooler Nene Yashiro accidentally becomes bonded to him, she uncovers a hidden world of supernatural beings. Now the two of them are conspiring to keep the peace between student and supernatural—that is, if they can only stay out of trouble themselves.

5:00pm - Appare-Ranman Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Hulu)
An eccentric inventor, Appare Sorano, decides one day to set off on an adventure. The samurai Kosame Isshiki is tasked with keeping Appare's eccentric behavior in check. While trying to drag Appare back to Japan, Kosame accidentally strands them both at sea, until they are saved at the last moment by a passing American steamship. Now stuck in Los Angeles with no money and no easy way to return to Japan, Appare and Kosame decide to enter the "Trans-America Wild Race". The two of them will have to work together while fighting off other rival racers, bandits, and other challenges as they try to win the race.

7:00pm - Land of the Lustrous Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Prime)
Land of the Lustrous is set in the far future, in a land inhabited by an immortal life form called the Lustrous, who are the embodiment of gemstones. Instead of flesh, their bodies are made of living crystal, allowing them to survive a world too toxic for humans. But their gem bodies also attract a terrible danger: the Lunarians, who hunt the gems and use their shattered forms to make jewellery.

9:00pm - Welcome to the Ballroom Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Prime)
Third-year middle school student Tatara Fujita is a guy who has no plans for his future or dreams, but tries to find something he can pursue with his whole life. With him being bullied and extorted, he is saved from delinquents by a man named Kaname Sengoku, a motorcycle-riding dance instructor. Tatara is entered into the Ogasawara Dance Studio in which he is shown the ropes of the world of Competitive Ballroom Dancing.

11:00pm - Robot Carnival – Suggested Rating 14+(Prime)
Robot Carnival is anime's answer to Fantasia. The film consists of nine shorts by different well-known directors, many of whom started out as animators with little to no directing experience. Each has a distinctive animation style and story ranging from comedic to dramatic storylines, in which music plays an important part. It is a delightful showcase of late 80's Japanese animation!

Cozy Sunday Anime

Grab a mug of hot coco and join us for a lazy Sunday watching anime.

10:00am - Digimon Adventure Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 7+ (Hulu)
Seven children are transported into the Digital World by Digivices that appeared before them at summer camp, where they befriend several Digimon (Digital Monsters). The kids' Digivices allow their partner Digimon to Digivolve into stronger forms and combat enemies. As the kids explore to find a way home, they learn that they are "DigiDestined", children chosen to save the Digital World.

12:00pm - Tiger & Bunny Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Hulu)
Stern Bild City's most famous superheroes' heroic activity is broadcast on the popular television show "Hero TV", where they accumulate points for each heroic feat accomplished (arresting criminals or saving civilians, for example) and the best ranked hero of the season is crowned "King of Heroes". They all work for a sponsor company and advertising is sometimes just as important as saving the day. This causes a rift in ideology between veteran hero Wild Tiger and his new partner, Barnaby Brooks.

2:00pm - Hitorijime My Hero Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Prime)
Masahiro Setagawa has stopped believing in heroes, especially since he has been getting into a lot of trouble. He's been coerced into joining a gang. However, soon an infamous street fighter named Kousuke Ooshiba, or the "Bear Killer" inadvertently saves him. This man happens to be the older brother of his best friend and his current homeroom teacher. Now Kousuke has claimed Masahiro as his "underling" and promises to protect him, but the feelings seem to run far deeper for both.

4:00pm - Gakuen Heaven Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Prime)
Keita Itō, an average high school boy, is surprised to find out that he's been accepted into the elite and prestigious boarding school, Bell Liberty Academy. Unnerved by the mystery, he's further distracted by the school's social dynamics. In a sea of amazing young men, Keita struggles to find out what makes him unique, and how he can possibly deserve to be treated as an equal by the students of Bell Liberty.

6:00pm - Carole & Tuesday Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Netflix)
Set in the future on a partially terraformed Mars, teenager Tuesday Simmons runs away from her affluent lifestyle as the daughter of a politician and makes her way to Alba City to pursue her dream of being a musician with just a suitcase and her Gibson acoustic guitar. On her first day in the city, she crosses paths with Carole Stanley, an orphaned refugee from Earth and another aspiring musician who plays the piano. The two decide to team up as a singer-songwriter duo under the name Carole & Tuesday.

8:00pm - Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep. 1-4 – Suggested Rating 14+ (Netflix)
Shinji, a teenage boy, is recruited by his father Gendo to the shadowy organization Nerv to pilot a giant bio-machine mecha called an "Evangelion" into combat with beings called "Angels". The series explores the experiences and emotions of Evangelion pilots and members of Nerv as they try to prevent Angels from causing more cataclysms. In the process, they are called upon to understand the ultimate causes of events and the motives for human action.