Join SNAFU Online Merchants

Getting on our list(s) and posting in Discord is free and open to everyone. You must be able to handle all sales through your own website or selling service such as Etsy, Storenvy, Ebay, etc. and handle any business license requirements, sales taxes, etc., on your own. 

Advertising in Discord

We will have rooms available for merchants to advertise their wares. You can post images and links to attract business. We will also have a discussion area for people to ask you questions. 

All you need to do is join our Discord server and read the rules we post there before the event.

Getting on the website list

If you'd like to get on the merchants list(s) on our website, we just need you to email us at [email protected]. There is no cost to get on the list and we are not handling any sales through our site.

We need the following information, it is all mandatory and it will be posted publicly:

We will review your site for appropriateness. We will not list sites selling boot legged items, illegal items, offensive items, obvious copyright violations, etc.  Basically, if you wouldn't have been able to sell it at the convention, you'd best not have it on your site if you want to be listed on ours.

If we have enough participation we will list vendors and artists separately, otherwise everyone's going to just be on one page.