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SNAFU Con is an anime convention in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada, Friday, October 6th through Sunday, October 8th, 2017 in The Nugget Casino Resort, 1100 Nugget Ave, Sparks, NV 89431.

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Full List

The following is the full list of achievements we have added so far.


Cosplay Pro
Judged in a SNAFU Con Masquerade. Records start 2014.

Cosplay Winner!
Won a prize in the Masquerade. Records start 2014.

Participated in a SNAFU Con Masquerade. Records start 2014.

I Like Zipties
Peace bonded 100 times. Records start 2010 - must have filled out a Peace Bonding Slip.

Improvised Weapon
Peacebonded an interesting or strange item.

Love and Peace
Peace bonded an item. Records start 2010 - must have filled out a Peace Bonding Slip.

Peace bonded 10 times. Records start 2010 - must have filled out a Peace Bonding Slip.


I'm Kind of a Big Deal
Been an official guest of honor.


Been a member of Artist Alley.

Been a vendor on our Vendor Room.


I Like Attention
Has run 10 panels. Records start 2013.

I'm An Entire Audience
Turned in 100 panel feedback forms. Records start 2013.

It's Me-Con!
Has run 100 panels. Records start 2013.

Turned in a panel feedback form. Records start 2013.

Panel Snob
Turned in 10 panel feedback forms. Records start 2013.

Something To Say
Has run one panel. Records start 2013.


First Five
Attended the first 5 years

Five in a Row
Attended 5 consecutive years of SNAFU Con

I Always Prereg
Has 5 printed badges in the system

I Preregistered!
Has a printed badge in the system

Has a badge in the 2010 system

VIP Member
Had a hotel room in your name (being marked as a VIP badge under someone else's room or buying a VIP badge does not count). Records start 2013.


Has been high staff rank in 5 or more departments

Special achievement which you can only get if you can give it to yourself.

Chaired SNAFU Con

Cog in the Machine
Volunteered 5 times. Records are spotty in 2010.

Member of the Cult of the One Door. Records start 2013.

Dancing Monkey
Staffed as Main Stage Crew

Gold Star
An attendee caught helping out the con.

I Can Help Everywhere
Staffed/volunteered in 5 or more departments

I Have Responsibility
High staff rank in any department

I'm a Helper!
Volunteered once. Records are spotty in 2010.

Jack of All Departments
Staffed/volunteered (any rank) in 10 or more departments

Making Things Happen
Staffed once

My First Mistake
An attendee who had no intention of staffing or volunteering, but ended up doing so as a favor to a desperate high staffer.

Participation Mandatory
Attended a staff meeting. Records start 2014.

This Is MY CON
Staffed 5 times

Up Vote
A staffer, volunteer, or attendee who received a "field promotion" to a higher staff position during the con.

Yeah, I Know Beta, Why?
Staffed in 5 or more departments simultaneously in any one year.


Shirt Collector
Purchased at least 5 different con shirts

Show Off
Purchased a con shirt

How to Get Achievements

If you've been to SNAFU Con before, you just might have some already! Achievements and points are based on participation. The more you do the more you get.

Please keep in mind that some things haven't been tracked before (like masquerade participation) so they will start in 2014, while others (like peace bonding) have detailed records back to 2010. So if you're missing something you think you should have, you can contact us, but we might not be able to help you.